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Sam’s friend Maxi hints Britney’s Instagram may have been deleted due to Pre-nup comments

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Why would such comment result in account deactivation when Britney gets absolutely ridiculed in a daily basis regarding sensitive stuff and not once has it ever resulted in anything so drastic. Don’t come for me I’m not saying it’s anything sinister I just don’t believe this person whatsoever they are attention seekers and I really doubt the legitimacy of their friendship with Sam. 

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52 minutes ago, Slayer said:

Well Britney being spammed with "pre-nup" comments is completely insensitive, rude and basically outright calling Britney stupid.

Imagine trying to enjoy your big moment and you see those comments flooded in your comments.

I get that completely, but I think the entire world feels extremely protective over Britney & you’re lying if you say that wasn’t one of your first thoughts too, it definitely was mine. BUT in saying that, she had no reason to comment it, she could’ve dmd her (although I think no one believes she has access to DMs). As a peer in the industry, it was rude

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Just now, Jefferson Silva said:


she needs to be out of all socia media and if she wants to tell us she can go old style and set up a blog on her website lol

These hypocrites saying that she shouldn’t have to disable her Instagram are the same ones that start panicking when there’s no post for 3 days :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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Two wrongs don’t make a right.  What will dragging Octavia do?  If anything it’ll just make Brit’s fans seem crazy.  Was the timing of Octavia’s comment wrong?  Sure.  Were her intentions evil?  I don’t believe so.  After Brit’s testimony in June the entire world was on her side.  Even people making jokes about her shaving her head and beating a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella.  We all want her to win and get the freedom that she so deserves.  Yes, everyone should’ve been congratulating her on her engagement, and held off on the prenup comments.  I don’t think all of them came from a bad place, though, or meant to insinuate that Britney is stupid.  After everything she has been through, people want to see her prevail.  We want to protect her.  She’s been surrounded by so many leeches through the years that it’s natural for people to question the motives of those around her.  Is it our place?  No.  Does it contradict some fans shouting “Free Britney” and then suggesting how she should live her life, like team Con has done for 13 years?  Yes.  Ultimately, I don’t think anyone wants to see history repeat itself and we just want Britney to be happy.  When it comes down to it that’s all that really matters.  As her fans we should just trust her decisions, and respect her feelings, because she’s human like the rest of us.  And we ALL make mistakes.  If we’ve stuck by her this long then why not continue to stick along for the ride, through the ups and downs?  I know I will.  :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing:

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Some of you guys seriously underestimate Britney. After everything she's been through, you think she's fazed by the public's response to her engagement? If anyone understands that every step she takes sets off a tidal wave of backlash, it's her.  She's not crazy or brain-dead, and she's well aware of how she's perceived publicly and how her relationship is perceived as well. Not only did she not need anyone to bring up the need for a pre-nup (because she's already considered it and made up her mind about what she wants), she's also not suprised that that was what people jumped to.

Did yall not hear her testimony? She has a strong PR acumen and is a fierce and capable advocate for herself. She's going to do what she wants so if yall wanna be overbearing or "overprotective" about her situation just know 1) she's repulsed by anyone who thinks they know what's best for her without including her in the conversation, 2) your opinion does not matter, so knock yourself out and say whatever you want to say but don't presume it'll have any bearing on her decision, 3) you're basic, you don't have the info or experience she has and your opinion is not only irrelevant, it's been anticipated by her and is in no way upsetting.

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Honestly… I would be upset too. It is rude and insensitive. It insults her intelligence and also just shows that her fans think he’s out for her money or that the relationship will end. Why can’t we positive and just wish her congratulations on something she made clear in her testimony that she wanted… 

I hope she stays off for a few weeks at least and enjoys her time with her fiancé and getting ready for her big court date.

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Were some people just born yesterday? Some get so triggered for social media being social media!  Somehow, some fans want everyone to be respectful and celebratory. You, guys, people sometimes are awful or inappropriate, this was, is and will always be the case, until an asteroid comes and takes us all out, let's get over it. How dare they mention a prenup? Well, whatever, that is the dynamic of social media, so be it. I do agree there is a bit of weight to the claim, but well, it's her prerogative to do whatever the heck she wants. 

Deleting her IG for a while, if you ask me, is the healthiest thing ever, (if it was her who did it) cause I perceived her being a tad bit too focused on people's opinions. People say she is used to the backlash, but she still gets affected by paparazzi photos showing her "belly", if not, why is she constantly adressi g haters? When you dont care, you dont care. She was bothered by the "double chin" or people "talking ****",very human to be bothered but well, welcome to planet Earth, where many humans can be ****. Not everyone will approve, not everyone will enjoy or celebrate and when you play the social media/fame game, you should be ready for crap. I think, if she really cares so much about people's comments or paparazzi photos, this is the best for her mental and emotional health, because if anyone expects people on IG to be prudent and sensitive, grab a good chair and sit patiently. 

About Octavia, it was out of place, but this Maci dude is absolutely abgry with life and he is inbiting people to troll a woman who if anything, was just an idiot. People seem to forget the nature of this planet. 

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