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Britney's perfume has allegedly grossed $1.5 BILLION. 0.1% of that is 100M. You're telling me she's only worth HALF of 0.1% of what her perfum has brought in?

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13 minutes ago, NewDisplayName said:

I create topics about that years ago but everyone was like “she doesn’t write songs so she don’t money”, “perfume income comes to other people” etc..

it makes zero sense..

Years ago I read that artists get about 10$ for album sales so she should be billionaire but somehow she’s not.. 

I agree it makes zero sense, but what you've been told (the first part) is true to some extent too.

idk where you read that thing about artists receiving $10 per album, but unless said album costs $100, I doubt they're making that much. 


Record labels are the ones that take the bigger part, artists receive around 10% of the sales, and publishers and composers about 30%. Of course there isn't one rule for everyone, some artists may have different deals, but one thing we can all be sure of is that the record labels will never be the ones losing, or it wouldn't be a business for them. So even if the artist is also the songwriter, they still wouldn't make $10 for an album that is how much, $11-15 ? 

Where artists really get money from is the live performances, and still, there are some record deals called 360, where the label takes a part of everything the artist does, not just album and single sales, but also ticket sales and even merchandise, but it's impossible to know what kind of deal Britney has. 


But yeah, even if she was making 0.1% of the perfume sales, that alone is more than the total she's reported to have, and that's not even counting the tours, the sales, television gigs, etc. 

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I know it's sad but you don't need that amount of money really. She needs her freedom which is UNVALUABLE 

She will never see that 600 million that Lou steal from her. But that doesn't really matter. She is rich still, has he's magic and can make more money again

All you need is yourself and she is beyond what we can comprehend 


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She has to be caught in a horrible contract full of "recoupables" - that is the only way it makes sense because it essentially means she has funded every little thing in her career. This would mean the tour costs, payroll, studio costs and everything in between comes from her account and NOTHING from the record label. So in that case, essentially, she has been an independent artist paying billionaires to promote her career. This is all just an assumption. 

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6 hours ago, britney_rocks said:

If it wasn't for Britney's greedy family and leaches working for her, she should be at Madonna's level and above Beyonce and Lady Gaga when it comes to net worth. Britney ******* Spears in worth $60 mil and then you got attention seeking Tik Tokers and Youtubers who are worth just as much or more. Yeah, nothing adds up.

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She’s only worth $60m in IP, Jamie is Hinding all off the other earnings in his LLCs that he doesn’t have to report to the courts because he owns them, he can not be allowed to just walk away with all the money from those LLCs and Britney’s perfume is wrapped up in JAMIES LLCs

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album sales: 115m
Net worth: $420m 

Jennifer Lopez
album sales: 70m
Net worth: $400m

Katy Perry
album sales: 143m
Net worth: $300m

Lady Gaga
album sales: 125m
Net worth: $320m

Christina Aguilera
album sales: 75m
Net worth: $160m

Britney Spears
album sales: 100m
Net worth: $60m

Either a lot of money is missing or someone spent all of them (which would be really against the idea of conservatorship tbh). We have to remember that Britney also toured actively from 2013 to 2018, selling out almost every night with average ticket price being $150 so her tour grossed like $500k-900k per night. I mean of course there is taxes and royalties and salaries of all the people around but let's be real, there's no way her net worth is under $100 million when she can only spend around $2000 per week (~100k per year) and has lived in the same mansion since like 2015. :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

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