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Jamie Lynn Has Liked a Post On Instagram of Octavia telling Britney To Sign a Prenup

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Look, as fans who have started a movement to protect someone we love, we are cautious as the people who should have supported Britney didn't. That being said, it still quite rude to jump straight to measures created in case of a divorce. Let her enjoy it for a day! Particularly when her fiance is the only person she spoke about in a positive light in court.


That said, Ms. Jail-Me Inn needs to check herself. Stop telling the world you support your sister and denying your involvement when we still don't know how official her resignation from the trust is. Stop liking posts about your sister fullstop. You don't get to say it's a private issue and then do that.


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Why her family is not reacting to this news? I don't know but I do feel there's something we don't know I don't wanna shade anyone in her family but even her mother didn't say anything regarding this maybe they just know social media is not their friend, there is something off.

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48 minutes ago, Frankie8 said:

I think Octavia put her messsge out there out of concerned caution. She didn't say congrats in her message, but I didn't get ill vibes from it.

JL is just worried about the possible future gravy train running out.

I think Octavia's comment was just in bad taste like rude but I dont think she meant harm. I will say she did end up saying congrats just in reply to her original one. It was an after thought lol

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