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Nicki Minaj tried to say her baby is why she's not going to met gala, but the truth is she's not vaccinated and the gala is only for vaccinated only.

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16 hours ago, Spicechinodiva said:

She also was racist towards a black woman..


She called someone that rhymes with raccoon. 



Let's just say That ish didn't fly at all with poc.


She needs to apologize for what she called Joy Reid on Twitter. 

Cos racism is racism no matter how you look at it. 

Nope, I actually think Nicki doesn’t have to apologize to none of these rats as far as there’s no “excuse” YET coming from the rapists of rap, Cardi B and Da Baby. If these people and many more can live peacefully getting hits here and there without any consequences so Nicki can say whatever she has to say. :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp:

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On 9/14/2021 at 12:11 PM, IForgotYouExisted said:

I am sorry for your loss but the vaccine isn't any worse than your average medication. The percentages of side effects and even deaths are way lower than birth control medication, yet in my country, women take them nearly every day.

You just had the bad luck your family were part of the 0,0..... percentage. Just as much chance you have to die in a plain crash. If that's what's stopping you from getting it, I take you don't drive a car, fly in an airplane or anything?

Again sorry for your loss. But because 2 humans you know died out of MILLIONS doesn't mean it's not safe. However I get it makes you think otherwise but as I said then you shouldn't drive a car either since dying from a car crash is WAY MORE LIKELY.


Anyhow, I wish you and your family the best and I am sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry but are you're seriously comparing birth control (which is taken by personal choice) to forced vaccine mandates to go work and make a living, or live a healthy lifestyle like going to a gym?

And you're seriously comparing plane/car crashes (which are risks you take by optionally getting into) to getting severe reactions/death to these vaccines?

  1. You cannot provide one single source of official data that shows harm is only 0.00 (wtf?) percent of people who took it, because no governments are reporting it and many hospitals/doctors are not reporting it either, so it's not accurate data.  Yet there are countless people (including my own loved ones and work colleagues) who have had serious reactions that now require long-term care or have died. I know multiple people who've had strokes, and paralyzed legs. And in the hospital the nurses were saying they are seeing an increase of people with the exact same symptoms but no one is actually reporting it as related since the hospitals get money for every patient labelled as a covid patient, and many doctors are not even allowed to speak against the vaccines (even if it's against their own informed recommendation) due to forced pushes from the local health boards or they lose their license. Look at the countries who have very high covid-vaccination rates.  How can they improve the vaccines when they are not taking legitimate data?  Try spending time in your local hospitals, especially in Cardiology and Neurology and see what's going on there.
  2. You talk about percentages and such, but the risks of getting COVID itself are very low in itself and even if you do get it, the recovery rate is very high. That's why so many people have gotten it multiple times and still are perfectly fine.  It's only if you have pre-existing comorbidities where the risk is high.   When you compare the number of cases to recoveries + hospitalizations + ICU + deaths... you'll see the media and governments are blowing it way out of proportion and using it to cause fear.  If they reported influenza cases every year (which children are significantly more at risk from compared to COVID), they could easily fear monger people with that too... but they don't and they don't force that vaccine. It's all to cause fear and division.
  3. As a black woman myself, it's ironic that those pushing it the hardest are the ones that were touting #BLM before... but there's a reason why a large population of Black people and other POC haven't taken it, and it's because these very companies who made these vaccines are the same ones who tested dangerous drugs and vaccines on unknowing people in other countries (especially African and South Asian countries and indigenous communities) where many have died (including children) or got severely ill. But you never see the media reporting it heavily.  A lot of minorities refuse to be part of the free mass clinical trials without informed consent.


I'll share this old quote that I saw recently that is fitting:

"They cause division amongst the humans to fight each other, while the real evil is around you, protected and out of sight"

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20 hours ago, jennyj said:


And you're seriously comparing plane/car crashes (which are risks you take by optionally getting into) to getting severe reactions/death to these vaccines?

I am since the chances are WAY higher than dying of the vaccine, yet people are willing to take the risk by taking a car but not with the vaccine.

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I am so thankful for everyone who's speaking out but particularly Nicki, damn she really has ovaries. What she has just done is not unlike Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat. This woman single-handedly stood up for people against an evil and totalitarian elite. No other celebrity of her caliber has done anything remotely close.

This so-called 'vaccine' (a vaccine by definition does not allow you to become infected with the virus it vaccinates against) is nothing more than a rushed, untested immune booster that is being forced upon us by those rich, white and powerful men every other celebrity claims to be against. This vaccine is meddling with women's periods, for goodness sake. A Japanese study found that the mRNA vaccines cause antibody-dependant enhancement (not a good thing, despite the name) or ADE. But the most important thing is that it is proven that it does not work. Look at Israel, vaccination rate vs. Sweden, and its vaccination rate, and compare their new covid cases. It doesn't take a genius.

If anything, people should be allowed to make their own choices regarding their bodies, as they do with abortion. This witch hunt is absurd and evil and created with the only goal of generating division. Women and racial minorities are being canceled for being unwilling to be forced to take upon themselves an unproven medicinal product. This is insane, it must be stopped.


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On 9/14/2021 at 3:49 PM, Posh Spice said:

the dumb birds in here agreeing with her misinformation and stupidity. i'd say i'm surprised, but really, i'm not.


Omg this image :orangu_orangutan_ape: I’m DECEASED.

I just know Jesy’s team is having projectile diarrhea over this mess with Nicki. They need to remove nicki from the song because no radio station will touch Nicki as this point. And I mean radio stations worldwide :tifflmao_lol_haha_hehe_miss_new_york_laugh_ms_tiffany_pollard_cackle: Rooting for Jesy and hope she replaces her with Doja Cat, the rightful Queen of Rap

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I was vaccinated against my beliefs and my personal opinion because of immense pressure from other people so what Nicki is doing inspires me. I wish I could unvaccinate myself because the fact I put something in my body without actually wanting to do it has taken a toll on my mental health. Don’t force anyone in your family or friends to make decisions with their own health, if you do then you’re just sh!tty. :lessons_preaching_telling_hand_smack:

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On 9/14/2021 at 9:01 PM, Style. said:

The way you’re quoting Slayer everytime I come for you with nothing but facts, it’s clear you’re wet on the pants because you can’t handle the tea. Starships and Superbass are her magnus opus and I’m so proud of it because if it wasn’t for Nicki doing pop, these girls wouldn’t even exist in the first place. So the fact that Nicki revived a whole dead genre and made what it is now, it’s worth celebrating! Nicki also fought for streams to be counted, your flop faves wouldn’t even be famous without streams and let’s talk about Nicki being the only female rapper to have MULTIPLE WORLD tours. She didn’t have to suck DJ’s D’s for songs like Cardi and Meghan. Hold on, but we can move this convo to QUEENRADIO, at the end of the day it had more viewers than the whole VMA’s. Let’s talk about sales and influence, you wouldn’t keep up. JAWDROPPED :emma:

I'm not a Nicki fan (plebeian who only likes Starships and Va Va Voom or smth), but credit where credit is due re: sucking D. Cardi B is like Nicki's archnemesis on that point (and the worser rapper than both Nicki and especially Azealia Banks IMO, but YMMV)

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