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Stop the Sam haters!

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11 minutes ago, Catalin said:

Sorry, I don't like him.

We've heard a billion times, get another hobby.

2 minutes ago, _lebot said:

And some people might not like you. Do you want them to also spam hate about you through the internet?


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Well definitely being with Britney helped him to get 'out there' but it's not like KFed where he is just partying in Vegas and spends her money..

I like what was said in his Man's Health interview.. 

When it comes to troubleshooting in his life, Asghari tends not to leave much to chance. This year, he’s started to spend a few days a week at the Black House MMA gym to learn how to fight, and he’s been taking lessons with a stunt coordinator. Not because he’s landed a role that requires it but because one day maybe he’ll audition for one that does. “I want to offer something when I walk into a room filled with guys that look like me, that dress like me, that sound like me,” he says. “That are exactly the same as me.” He wants to build something instead of letting something be built around him.

Sam Asghari on #FreeBritney, Training, and New Acting Roles (menshealth.com)

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5 hours ago, Yok1 said:

People find Sam suspicious for good reasons. There were court documents showing that he got money from Britney's dad. He lied about when Britney was locked up in that facility. His lie actually calmed the public's worry about her. At the time she needed public pressure to be released. There is a footage where he commands Britney to kiss him in front of cameras in Once upon a time premier. He also took the phone from Britney's hand when she was going live on Instagram. He acts not like a lover but more like master of Britney. The worst was when she was leaving that facility, the way he acted was cold and commanding. Why he never informed Britney that she has right to terminate the c-ship? 

Most importantly, how do real fans ignore all of these things?

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1 hour ago, Danielle1987 said:

...how do you ignore those things?

The same way the public is allowing the mainstream to change the definition of "herd immunity". People no longer want to think for themselves. If people THINK then they will realize harsh truths and it's painful. 

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 I like Sam for her. I hope they do get married and have a couple of children. People need to realize NO ONE WILL ever be good enough for Britney in many eyes. No one can be on her level in certain ways, but does that mean she doesn't deserve or want someone even if they don't have everything she has to offer? Life is not so black and white and neither are relationships. People need to get the hell over it already.. 

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On 9/16/2021 at 6:53 PM, Danielle1987 said:

Literally a red flag. 

Actually it's not. They are stalking him to get too Britney. he's been very quiet and doesn't entertain them truly if you pay attention, he gives them the bare minimum and tries to be friendly and move on.. Big difference. As a matter of fact he has never really made britney the issue or topic which is what she would want.. She doesn't need more attention on her he tried to deflect or keep it very quiet on her and that is respectful and what she needs in a partner. Not a red flag at allll... First of all he was a model and got cast in her music video.. He was going to be something with or without Britney.. 

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Funny how the negative comments bashing Britney’s autonomy and judgment are getting likes. You don’t like Sam? Good for you. Move on and let her live her life on her own terms. She doesn’t need some random internet trolls who don’t know a thing about the basics of a relationship and what it means to sacrifice to tell them what THEY know or think what’s best for them. Let it go. Stop projecting your own insecurities and imperfections on their relationship. Mental illness, some of you. 

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