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TMZ: Britney wants termination of the Conservatorship discussed at September 29th hearing

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How is a mental evaluation necessary when

  1.  it is not a mental health conservatorship
  2. and they have themselves testified to her capacity despite  her difficult workload in the glare of public life 
  3. The drugs they put her on are known to cause severe issues
  4. She testifies to fearing for her life due to them

So ludicrous to be evaluating HER mind in such a situation rather than scrutinizing the talentless money grabbers who say barefaced  in court basically that  "she is crazy we need to work her to death charging  exorbitantly for this "protection" of "safety rails" with "drugs" coercion  and "maternal deprivation""

It would be an IDIOTIC  judge who would deem it necessary to evaluate HER and not investigate everything else.

They obviously have a motive and financial stake in it so they are not disinterested neutral parties. Therefore their opinions are biased. 

SO obvious, hopefully judge has some sense especially when the world is watching

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12 hours ago, Jefferson Silva said:

if he explains that he is choosing this option because james offered to leave out of fear of.prison and not to be sued people will understand clearly Jamie and team con are criminals

I understand now why Jason Rubin, the financial judiciary guy was selected as the next conservator…

in a game that is sadly swayed by the public opinion (Britney wouldn’t have gotten a lawyer without fan intervention) Jamie pulled a movie to ultimately save face, none of the media is accurately reporting this tho. 

jamie is trying to walk away with 54k, avoid jail time in exchange for freeing Britney…

britney needs money, they’re trying to financially crush her maybe so when she’s free she does struggle to sue them and survive… Britney certainly has all the earning potential in the world but she would have to work which is something she doesn’t need to be doing rn not during  all this long going legal drama

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Interesting re guardianship (conservatorship in other states)  and fiduciary duty 





Guardians are held to a high degree of fiduciary duty and their actions, like any fiduciary, require the highest level of ethical conduct. Any interested person may challenge inappropriate conduct and the guardian faces personal liability if he or she violates the standard of care or, more particularly, engages in conduct that does not benefit the ward



"In their role guardians are normally required to attempt to facilitate the independence and self-reliance of the ward. The guardian is presumably only granted those powers necessary for the ward to accomplish what s/he cannot accomplish independently. The powers may include assuring the availability and maintenance of care for the ward and ensuring that educational and medical services are maintained and adequate. A guardian is required to submit updates to the court as to the status of the ward and the guardian’s duties.


Should the guardian fail to provide the above services, or engage in any inappropriate conduct from self dealing to inappropriate reimbursement of expenses, the court is empowered on its own or by petition of any interested person to investigate, remove the guardian if warranted, and render judgments against the guardian."

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I hope she will be free. However I would not say that it would be a terrible thing if she was evaluated by someone unbiased. I know she doesnt want to but she may have to, for her freedom. She needs unbiased people who truly want to help her. An unbiased doctor or therapist could help her get over all the trauma shes been through and prove once and for all that she can be free. She doesnt need to be 100% well to be free, instead of locking her up and using her, she needs someone who will help support her after she is free. 

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Britney Spears is taking her dad at face value -- that he's down with ending the conservatorship -- and she is beyond happy.

Sources directly connected to Britney tell TMZ ... she's "ecstatic" Jamie has filed legal docs not only asking the judge to terminate the conservatorship, but to do so without another mental evaluation. Britney was adamant about this back in June when she testified in court.

We're told she views Jamie's 180 as a "total victory," and believes public pressure as well as the pressure applied by her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, are responsible for his about-face.

That said, our sources tell us Britney's view of her dad and their relationship has not changed. She's still extremely angry at him over his role in the conservatorship.

We're also told Britney wants the issue of termination front and center at the next hearing on Sept. 29. As we reported, the purpose of that hearing is to discuss Jamie's future in the conservatorship. Britney wants him out and Jamie has already said he'll go.

Britney has not yet filed legal docs to end the conservatorship. Rosengart has said this is a 2-step process, the first of which is removing Jamie. He has not indicated when he might file docs to terminate, but now that Jamie has made his move, we're told Britney wants the issue squarely raised during the hearing.

As we reported, our Jamie sources say the docs he filed were designed to call the bluff on his critics ... he has been steadfast for years, and very recently as well, that Britney needs the guidance of a conservatorship to survive because of her condition. Although Jamie now says the conservatorship should end without a mental evaluation, our sources say he believes the judge will still order one. He has said in the past ... he does not believe the judge will cut the cord on the 13-year conservatorship.



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15 hours ago, turquoise said:

I know it's a TMZ article and I can't trust it, but I want Britney and Rosengart to just focus on getting rid of Jamie first.
Because if they start working on the issue of terminating the conservatorship with Jamie still sitting on it, if Judge Penny decides that a psychiatric evaluation is necessary, won't Jamie, the conservator, get to choose the doctor who will do the psychiatric evaluation and determine if her conservatorship can be terminated?
If that's the case, then of course Jamie will choose a doctor he can manipulate, a doctor who will be biased and harsh in his examination of Britney.

NY Times : Testing Britney Spears: Restoring Rights Can Be Rare and Difficult - Britney Spears - BreatheHeavy | Exhale

Yes, absolutely agree. If Jamie is still the conservator then he may have control over any medical evaluation ordered by the court and can drag out the final accounts for years (look how long the disputes over the 12th accounting has been going on for). He has done this to keep control not give it up. Rosengart wanted to get rid of Jamie first so he could not disrupt and drag out the ending of the conservatorship (amongst other reasons). As much as I want it ended for Britney, I think that Rosengart should keep to his original strategy and remove Dad Spears first. Otherwise I have a really bad feeling that with Dad Spears in charge of wrapping it all up she will still be in it this time next year. Dad Spears has completely contradicted all his actions over the last two years with this petition and is massively untrustworthy. Sorry to be pessimistic, hope I am wrong about this for Britney's sake, but it just feels like more of his media spin (like when he petitioned he would step down as conservator, but only "when the time is right"). It's continued control of the conservatorship processes and public narrative he is after here. It is brilliant that so many of us have a close eye on this for this reason, as a casual observer could think it is all done and dusted from the media headlines.         


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13 hours ago, danny1994 said:

If the conservatorship is terminated, removing Jamie is moot. They should push everything aside and make this the priority.

I think this is what Jamie wants. He filed a petition to terminate with like no real evidence assuming it won’t get granted so he can make Judge Penny the bad guy. He probably knew Britney would want it to be discussed at the next hearing, taking away from the petition to remove him. He’s not doing this for good faith reasons. Getting him removed first is still the best strategy. 

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