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Iggy reveals she's sent Britney "cute filters" to use on instagram

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Saw a tweet on Twitter a while back said that iggy sent “day 3 in Miami” to Britney some how.. not sure how she could do that.. off her new album and kept the song for a long time until she released the album and never heard back from Britney. She doesn’t have her # so not sure how that worked.. but I’m happy they are friends. I would have wanted a better song for them anyways.

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2 hours ago, Slayer said:

I don't think she's shading at all, she's being playful and saying the other girls better watch out.

It's a nice interaction I think and funny :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

Yeah but why does she think Britney needs new filters? :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw:

The one she’s using now aren’t trendy enough ? :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

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