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Recent Texas Abortion Law Situation

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I'm in Texas :tiffsniffle_ny_miss_new_york_crying_sobbing_sad_tears: It's a fight for sure. I think woman should be able to choose and what these men in office fail to realize is that just because they make it illegal doesn't mean they will stop happening. It just means that woman who are desperate enough will either try to do it at home or find some unsafe place to make it happen. That's the part that scares me the most.


Edited to add: If it's truly about the babies then why aren't men required to do anything such as vasectomies which can be reversed. When you truly think about it a man can get as many people as he wants pregnant in one day if he really wanted to where as a one woman can only get pregnant once every nine months. Woman aren't out here getting pregnant by themselves.

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In Germany there is a law permitting to advertise services like abortion on a clinics website nor may a doctor have information about giving medical advice on the matter on his website.

What happens in Texas is far worse, as already stated this opens the black box of self treatment and non medicals offering procedures putting the lives of women at risk.

It's a women's choice to decide whether or not to have a baby. It's her life that's ****ed up afterwards if the man is not in the picture anymore.

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3 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

IMO it's abhorrent. Women should be able to choose, not a bunch of men in politics. 

What do you mean when you refer to a woman’s right to choose? Choose what? Choose to have s**? Because there is no way on Gods green earth, with songs like WAP on mainstream radio, that (young) women aren’t aware of the potential “side effects” of s**. 

For clarity, I believe in God, specifically as He presents himself in the Bible. I also believe in taking responsibility for your actions, regardless of the circumstances. 

What do you believe in, aside from socially convenient democratic billboard slogans? And if those are your fancy, as I assume they are, what is your rationale for backing them?




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12 minutes ago, lili_ballet said:

sometimes taking responsibility is choosing to not let the baby be born under bad circumstances.

Should we euthanize the homeless as well? If bad circumstances are the standard for which killing is justified then we have quite a bit of work to do. 

Personal pleasure shouldn’t trump responsibility. Especially when the stakes are life and death. That’s selfishness taken to the highest extreme.

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7 hours ago, Princess Britney 007 said:

Do you think it can be said the same thing with antivax?

How are the two comparable? 

The biological purpose of s** is to procreate. When you have s** and procreation is the outcome you shouldn’t be surprised, you should be prepared. Otherwise you should not be involving yourself in procreating activities. Yes, there are exceptions, such as r***, but let’s not be fools and pretend the exception is the rule.

People who are anti-COVID vaccine, which I presume is what you were referencing in your comment, are not comparable to a woman’s “right to choose,” as it’s conveniently come to be termed. It’s rationale to not want to get a vaccine that has been produced under such a short amount of time, especially under the circumstances with which it came about. People love to “trust the experts” but humans, expert or not, are fallible. In recent memory alone we’ve  seen experts in big tech mishandle our data, airplane manufacturers make faulty airplanes, and politicl leaders make decisions that resulted in the unnecessary deaths of countless human lives.. Trusting those unworthy of blanket trust and taking responsibility for your actions aren’t comparable. 

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Poor and uneducated people can be very lucrative when it comes to politics. They are working the jobs no one wants. They fight for wars someone else started and they vote for politicians promising them a better life. 

except it’s starting to change things with the younger generation. Once he’s sold fogie boomer generation die off the more open minded people can step up hopefully. 

however Texas really needs to change. Like for reals get it together. Human rights is and should be paramount. 

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8 hours ago, Princess Britney 007 said:

Do you think it can be said the same thing with antivax?

I think people have a right to choose whether they want to get vaccinated or not. I don't think the government should force it onto others but I would obviously recommend the vaccine to a virus during a global pandemic. I'm vaccinated.

However, the anti vax crowd is more often than not anti-intellectualists and conspiracy theorists who are potentially a danger to society if they become disease-carrying biological bombs, never mind all the misinformation they spread onto others which is also dangerous.

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I had a friend who got pregnant a few years ago at 23. She didn’t have a job she was using her mums credit card to buy drinks at our local like every night and in a really bad relationship with a 40 year old for the last few years. 
she aborted and a year later got very sad thinking about how she could have a baby. But she was still where she was then.

she’s now a paralegal and back on her feet and dating a better man. 

I don’t think that baby would have been happy and I don’t think she could have had a baby at that time she had nothing and was not in a good relationship to bring up a baby.

why do men want to negate that the women keep a baby when young kids do what they do you can judge where she was in her life for getting pregnant but the baby needs to be in a world worth living it wouldn’t have been.

im so glad to be in the UK we don’t have this worry and it’s free I think it should be this way it’s a female right we know if we are capable of having a baby not a man. 

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