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I don't listen to Britney's music anymore

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1 hour ago, Prachi said:

If you mute and stream then it won't be counted! In my office Brit is very celebrated so we play her a lot in the BG! Muting and just playing doesnt count to any stream and same for the YT videos they are smarter than you think, as streaming can be highly manipulated. 


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I'm one of the few people that still uses last.fm so every once in a while i check what i've been listening to. Last time she was my most played artist of the year was 2013. She's not the artist i listen to the most anymore but that's ok. She remains my queen for many reasons. I do listen to Blackout very often since its release. 

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I started listening recently. Her dance moves are awesome.. Stronger is on my motivation playlist.  She inspires me to workout when I watch her videos, so I have her videos in my workout music list too. I love the beat, usually fast and fun.

Not yet a woman, helpful coming of age song.

I have many artists on my playlists.

I don't get tired of them.  A lot of times music has gotten me through workouts or projects or whatever.

I have been listening to more of her songs as she makes it seem so effortless (which it isn't).

Love her music❤️

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12 hours ago, boyinthemirror said:

Omg send it my way please please :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing:

From my experience, I like to give her discography a rest once it a while. But I listen to her every week, and sometimes I just need to play it to get the motivation to go out for walks. Only she has that kind of power for me. I guess it kinda depends on the attachment you have to the music too. :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green:

I also love to listen to mashups of Brit's songs and other artist. They're also pretty great. 

I also just found out about this gem. 


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I'm listening to almost all kinds of music, pop , r&b , rock , jazz , classical, soundtrack and the list goes on so it's not like I'm listening to her music obsessively , (beside the femme fatale era I was obsessed with her catalogue then) but generally I don't listen to her music that much anymore , sometimes I'm listening to the classics like (bomt ,oops, & Britney songs) but usually I listen to the bible of pop - Blackout 🖤 on a daily basis (& circus as well) because it's unbelievable how good 1 album can be ..... :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know: rest of the time I just listen to the other 50 trillion artists .....

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I barely listen to her now as well. i use spotify and have 10 playlists for when im in the pool and tbh theres only one or two with Britney on it and so i only listen to her when i play that playlist and its on shuffle

i think the problem is she hasnt released new music in 5 years now [well apart from Swimming with the stars and Matches last December, i like SWTS but it was a lot like the other songs on Glory and tbh i didnt like Matches at all] and like, im also a massive fan of pink and whenever she doesnt release new music for a few years, i listen to her less. it was like in 2016, she didnt release an album but Britney released Glory and so because Glory was fresh and new, i listened to Britney and didnt listen to pink that much. I was still a massive pink fan but without any new music to wet my appetite, i listened to her less. and its the same now with Britney. my favourite UK group JLS has just announced their new album, first in 8 years and they've released a new single and their album's out in December. so i know certainly in December, ill be listening mostly to JLS. doesnt mean i wont still be a britney and pink fan its just JLS will have new music

i also think its good to have a break tbh. ive not heard a britney song or album in months then listened to it and loved it all over again  


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On 9/2/2021 at 6:39 AM, Dreams said:

I feel like I've overplayed her songs to the point of ruining them and being sick of hearing them, except for a few unreleased songs and B-sides, I know all of her albums by heart, it's kind of sad when you think about it, we'll probably never get new music from her, at least not for a decade.

I'm sympathetic to what you're saying. For example, I overplayed and ruined the Beatles catalogue in my high school days (2001-2005 lol) and there's good and bad news from my experience. The bad news is that despite not playing those songs for ~1.5 decades they mostly still don't sound fresh if I intentionally play them today. The good news is that if you unintentionally hear any of those songs in the course of your daily life - radio, stores, and especially when out at bars/restaurants - they are as exciting as ever. 

Fortunately for me - I have many, many Britney plays left before I reach that point. Yeah that's me keeping her Spotify #s up.

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For me, it was like that, because I ONLY listened to Britney, then I stopped, became a fan of another artist (not a solo tho, group(s)) and I returned to specific songs, like "OMG [X] song is so great, I'm gonna listen to it" or "[x] album is great, let's hit play". And now is like that, I may not listen to her singles, but the b-sides are always there and feel "fresh" because they are not in "playlists" or GP conscious when I say the name BRITNEY SPEARS, so they are gems to me.

Bottom line, I have b-sides on replay and singles are kinda time to time :gagacrash_driving_run_hit_lady_sunglasses: (with GH:MP the album I almost listen to :emma:)

ps but if you come for her music you will get read for filth :gunney:

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I have literally watched every YouTube upload of her Vegas residency. I love to watch all her live performances throughout her career. As for her music, I usually listen to it when I’m depressed because her music is a pick-me-up. 

I don’t listen to her music everyday because I’ve just heard it so much. But I am dying for new music by her. 

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