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Jamie really is pure EVIL. He's a nasty man who only sees his daughter as an ATM. He does not love her, and I can't wait for him to be gone and far out of her life. I hope she gets restraining orders on him and all of these leeches. She is so strong, and this WILL be ending. Her Justice is coming.

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12 minutes ago, saa^ said:

Maybe his colon will explode reading this

 Stephen Colbert Good Luck GIF

You can despise him. Loathe him. He is still her father. I doubt she wishes harm on her own dad. Shes strong and not malicious. He deserves jail but no wishing ill will on someones health or their family members. Uncool. Even if you think its a joke.  He’s a warped minded twisted chauvinistic monster yes who in some sick way loves her! Unfortunately a corrupt minded sick man who is a product of his own up bringing.   Karma will get him and hopefully the law will toss the book at him. Jamie is a sad pathetic man. How on earth can he believe he’s helped her. The man and hollyweird need to have charges filed against them all. Freebritney. 

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5 hours ago, Slayer said:

I’d love to see Vivian’s reaction reading this :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

Wouldn't we all 🤣 here comes yet another version of 'her daddy loves her'. Good lord she's ruined the term daddy for me now 🤦‍♂️

Rosengart didn't come to play at all. If this doesn't get him off as her conservator I don't know what will. At this point his own words are being used against him. Jamie has done enough damage to Britney, let her go. #FreeBritney 

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Just now, OutofKontrol said:

Stop. Britney said herself(IN COURT) she thought "They were trying to kill her" She thought her own father was trying to make her go SO insane to the point of suicide. I can only imagine that pain Britney must felt to think that her own father could do that to her. Jamie and his colon can go rot. 

I am not you or Britney. To me its just not worth the negative soul sucking energy. Yes its horrible . Yes he’s a sick man. Yes this is criminal . You have free will and every right to be upset . I just disagree with wishing ill will or harm on others. We can agree to disagree. I am all about her freedom and I hope he gets jail.   I just see her taking the high road …. Get a grip bud. Yes, The man is a monster. Shes living thee worst nightmare.   Chill ! She stated jail . Shes insanely angry.  She can hate him for eternity. Yet many take the high road including myself . Your allowed to think your way . Its your prerogative.   In with anger out with love is my way. A dear friend taught me that . I use think your way but changed my tune. Breathe. Life can be cruel on many of us at different moments. I learned taking the high road regardless was better for my own sanity. I also learned to forgive some of thee worst times and people in my own life. Be well ! 

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12 minutes ago, alienatedNey said:

Honestly “he is still her father” disgusts the **** outta me. A father wouldn’t treat his daughter like this - all those years of torture and abuse to someone who has single-handedly supported the whole family ever since she was a child.

James doesn’t deserve the title to be a father to Brit. He’s a greedy, sick old man that deserves nothing but the worst. 

He’s a monster no doubt. Yes he is .. I just learned to forgive the monsters in my own life.. you never forget . Just the useless expended energy is not good to hold. I was abused , rap*ed , beat up.. I was angry. It consumed me in a bad way.  I learned to forgive. I had to.. if others do not understand. Its ok. It helped me heal. 

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