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An attorney for USA Today has filed a 244-page document requesting public access to Britney’s next court hearing.

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Penny is probably just going to say no...but I know she has a lot of pressure...probate court has a lot of weird *** rules mostly because it has very little public scrutiny since it affects so few ppl...the legal professionals who wanted to expand probate court by using Britney's case as an example really shot themselves in the foot...

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6 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

You don't get to charge $500k for media press tours and slander campaigns,  play *** for tat in the public eye and then claim you want privacy.


This applies to everyone on Team Con. 


Jamie doesn't get to argue privacy when he attacked Britney's sons. Jamie Lynn doesn't get to argue privacy and then post videos of her crying. Jodi's lawyers don't get to say "we have a health related right to privacy" against the will of the person who this is all about.


It's one or the other, not both. 


Rosengart and Britney should support this publicly. You don't get to exploit a global icon and make her work against her will and expect the fans and audiences who made your estate to be ignorant to what happens.

Yeah, they all actively signed up for it. Britney is the biggest popstar on the globe. You don’t get privacy.

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