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Why did Britney stop singing live?

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Watch the All for you tour by Janet Jackson. 


Plus Madonna started doing more live singing and everybody noticed a big dance break happened in the middle part, but that was it. 


I think for Britney, and Unlike Madonna, she never cared what the critics thought, even honest talked about this he said back then pop Music was never taken seriously by critics as rock and roll, it was always dismissed but only a few got actually good reviews cos they did the exact opposite which was cookie cutter and manufactured pop, however retrospective reviews are now in Britney's favor as it seems to be an apology, but thanks to pop music being taken more seriously as terms of live entertainment and recorded work, the big reason why it was dismissed for so long, was the whole let's escape life for a minute was criticized, but he said today's state of the world sure made critics realize why pop Music is important, we need to escape life, ironically it took a pandemic for that genre to finally get the respect it deserved..

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Anyone else remember an interview, maybe a radio interview, and they asked her about singing and she said when she sings, it may not sound good, but she tries.

She sounded a bit embarassed like she lacks confidence and is aware others critique her singing.

I say higher pitched singing (not as high as they make her sing, or pitch up), sounds better for fast songs, but mid tempo and ballads should be in her normal range.

Everyone knows her signature sound, but has heard her deeper voice on songs like Perfume and FTBOMBH, so it wouldn't really be out of left field for people to hear her like that.

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7 hours ago, NotBuyingIt said:

I don't think it's an excuse - I do think that style of singing is very damaging. That said, I 100000% agree with you that it is frustrating as all hell!

One other thing: I noticed years ago in a few Insta videos that Britney has a bit of a smoker's laugh and voice. Actually, her June 23rd testimony totally sounds like a smoker's voice, especially when compared to her old speaking voice. And we've all seen pictures of her with cigarettes at the studio. I can't imagine her vocal chords are in fantastic shape. I sang karaoke for less than a half hour this past weekend and my vocal chords were in PAIN! I can't imagine singing via an unhealthy technique and in an unnatural pitch, smoking cigarettes, and dancing. No way.


Believe it or not smoking doesn't generally affect your speaking voice that much..not unless your smoking 40 a day which britney does not...cigarettes is a poor excuse 

She lost faith because she was controlled from the cship thats it.

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4 hours ago, Frankie8 said:

Anyone else remember an interview, maybe a radio interview, and they asked her about singing and she said when she sings, it may not sound good, but she tries.


She said " I think my voice is okay..I like the feeling I get when I'm singing"

2008 "I think I sound better since having my babies"

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IMO there is no need to Look for reasons and conspiracy theories (Team Con let her sing in 2017 + her mic is on during some parts) - she chooses not to sing. She has almays lipped almost everything, even before the conservatorship. Baby voice or not. That's why I couldnt fully enjoy her tours at all. Is it hard to pre record New vocals? Lip syncing to CD vocals is pathetic. Fans are to blame too, Britney could always get away with that. 

Plus she doesnt have to dance all the time, people would praise her for live singing


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I personally think it’s a combination of a few factors: 

- Her first introduction to live performances were on MMC and in the 90s, a time where lip synching was very common. I think she’s still somewhat stuck in this mindset 

- It was common to mock/insult her studio voice back in the day, which I’m sure contributed to her being self conscious about it. Especially on occasions she did sing live people were quick to judge if it didn’t sound perfect 

- She lost her passion for live signing very early on in her career and doesn’t care for it at all. I don’t think being in the c-ship has helped with this, in fact quite the opposite. I’m not sure what role her team has had with but it appears like they were happy to enable this as it meant her mic was off and thus performances were more “controlled”

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The delusional among fans is real saying she stopped because of the conservatorship? Our girl hasn't been singing live since 2000s, please just accept. 

  • Her songs were never re worked, they highly high produced with pitch correction. 
  • Her most songs are fast paced, nobody can dance (if you think Bey can then please, she doesn't dance she moves) it's impossible to sing songs like MATM, Womanizer etc with dancing. 
  • If she comes back to music after being free, and still lip syncs what y'all with do :gimmemoar_britney_hat_more_gimme_giggle_haha_hehe_lol_2007_vmas_lmao:
  • Her catalog is filled with baby voice, and she has deep voice she needs a team to work on her songs for live shows which never happened. 
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2 hours ago, Duff Man said:

She said " I think my voice is okay..I like the feeling I get when I'm singing"

2008 "I think I sound better since having my babies"

The quote I'm thinking of is from later than 2008. I can't remember what interview. I do remember the quotes you're saying.

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12 hours ago, Dean09 said:

Hi all… long post alert!!


I don’t post here often, but I’m a vocal coach from the UK (in Musical Theatre), and thought I’d offer a few pointers on the subject:


1: Britney’s sound that we all know and (hopefully) love, is not a traditional/natural sound. Vocal coaches are here to help people with a variety of things, but I will highlight the main 4:


a. Extend their range.
b. Improve their resonance and power.
c. Help with pitch and rhythmical ability
d. Overall confidence (I’ll talk about confidence in point 3!.)

This was an interesting read. I guess from GP view it's just laziness that she doesn't sing live. But it's actually much more complex than that.


Also- for those talking about Britney addressing her live singing in more recent times- you'll probably be referring to this radio interview:


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Would you sing live in this ridiculous forced abusive prison. I dunno .. she sounds great live doing songs like You Outta know.  .. when shes not dancing so much.. she has a beautiful voice. Dancing you need to sing with the backup tracks .  

Sometimes I have went to other concerts and thought. Please stop this live sound. Yet never at a Britney concert.

Heart, Nancy Wilson is amazing live and shes slays Led Zeppelin songs  . Heart a group of women who rock and still show up todays artists.  Nancy has a voice ! Ann I love as well. 

When or if ever Britney comes back out with new music .. I hope she does a rock album and more alternative.  I love when she strays off on different sounds. 

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