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Why did Britney stop singing live?

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3 hours ago, thedoughboy said:

someone made a thread several years ago claiming the cship doesn't let her sing live bc she would scream for help lol........maybe they were onto something backthen

I’d like to believe that but the tradition was already established like… since 2001. It’s true she used to sing live a song or two up until Onyx Tour. So maybe there is some truth to that after all :waitwhat_britney_lights_out_scared_um_confused_what:

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I feel like its a combination of several things like her music, doing choreography and also she has no passion

for her work.

Since the conservatorship, she has shown lack of passion and love for performing.

(But obviously we know why)

I do feel like she should make more of an effort but I know its not her fault


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I guess she is not comfortable when she has to sing with her high pitched voice, this is not natural to her.
Honestly, when she sang Everytime live in the Onyx Hotel Tour, it felt painful for her (and for our ears :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:)
It was much better during the BOMT era, and even the very last time I heard her live on "Something to talk about" when the range is deeper.
I also think she's very nervous and lack confidence to sing live in front of an audience.

Plus, as someone said above, the overproduced songs difficult to recreate in live, and the choreos. 

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Honestly who cares. We know she can sing. Did you see Sam’s IG post of her singing to her own song? That’s her showing everyone including her cship team that she’s not performing because she can’t, she’s not performing because she doesn’t WANT to. Her own artistic abilities have been held back a lot, for a long time. Not her fault. 

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For a few reasons:

1. She doesn't have creative control anymore like she used to.  She will once she's free.  In the past, she would mainly lip-sync during heavy choreographed routines, but at least she did live bits or occasional live performances.

2. Her c-ship abusers prevented her from singing live. They don't even let her do live interviews anymore (you'll notice they must be pre-recorded now - because as we saw in the UK she spoke out about it, and then it was cut out of the actual airing).  Even back during the Circus tour, she would blurt our random things during those quick moments while the mic was still on as she was leaving the stage. The only times they let her talk or sing live are very carefully timed moments where they can pay attention and cut her mic when needed.  That's also most likely why her Domination announcement mic was off too.

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Tbh I think she stopped singing live at the same time as a lot of other artists in the early 00s. It was a big trend back then, especially as more and more artists were pressured to dance etc.

I think the reason she still does is one of two things (or both):

  • She’s had the same team for a long time and for some reason they seem to think what worked in the 00s works today
  • They think it’s part of her brand at this point and they know they can get away with it (why sing live when you can lip sync and get paid the same) 
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Just yesterday I listened to the entire Baby One more Time album, comparing different songs with each other ... there is an incredible difference in tone ... all because she had to have a more baby voice. As the albums progressed, they obviously kept that kind of pitch. But doing an all live show with a tone of voice that isn't yours .... well it's really tough.

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