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BREAKING: JAMIE SPEARS SUSPENDED - Conservatorship hearing today! - Live updates + streaming link for Free Britney Rally

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15 minutes ago, Soni said:

I remember doing a Tarot Reading about the date where she gave her testimony

and the results were implying that a lot of questions would be answered, as they did.


Wonder if I should do another one for this 



Fingers crossed tho!
Rosengart is really a beast, even when the judge is trying to give him a hard time for trying to put justice in her case :gunney:

Do it !! :anxiety_pill_struggle_panic_ahh_bottle_Wendy_williams_shake_shaking:

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2 hours ago, Matou said:

Imagine an album called "Hearings"

1) June 23

2) July 14

3) Sept 29


“I think they’ve done a good job at exploiting my life, so I think it should be an open court hearing and they should hear what I have to say.”

*beat drop*


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14 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Not you making an official thread a month ahead of time :emma: there will be another official official thread made on that day :orangu_orangutan_ape:

I am ahead of time :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye: then why can't you take my thread for that day ? :orangu_orangutan_ape:

Not you saying I'm useless :orangu_orangutan_ape: Thanks :rip_dead_grave_mariah_graveyard_flowers_rip:

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I found this text from a Mexican actress and singer that was actually shared since the June 24 testimony, but I just stumbled upon it now

It says:

They kidnapped a goddess, they drugged her and tortured her. They stole the money she made since she was 17 (if not younger), they prevented a grown woman to enjoy her children, exploited an icon, degrading her and abusing a kind heart that only shared her greatness, and they still pretend to deny her what she most wanted above all (having a family). I may seem crazy and intense to some people, but I've been waiting for this moment for YEARS and basically loving me or wanting to have anything to do with me, implies my HUGE LOVE FOR BRITNEY SPEARS, I PROUDLY LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS, it is, was and will always be like this forever, period. Whoever knows me well or even just mediocrely, knows that Britney Spears is my hero, she's the face from my magazine clippings that covered every inch of the walls of my bedroom as a kid, the person I started singing for, the person I went to bed crying for as a teenager because overnight the world decided to go from loving her to bullying her and hating her without a reason, to make websites where they were giving away cars and money if you guessed the date she "was going to die". Yesterday, my inspiration, my example of discipline, faith, magic, hope, my huge fairy Britney, FINALLY!! WAS ABLE TO SHARE HER TRUTH!!!!!! AND even though she seems like a distant person, I think we should all learn from this experience... IT'S CLEAR TO ME THAT THESE PAST YEARS HAVE BEEN TO DEPURATE AND CLEAN, THEY'VE BEEN YEARS OF KARMIC ACCOUNTS, YEARS TO FIX AND HEAL... YEARS OF JUSTICE. Britney Spears is the perfect example of how society can come to love seeing something pure and beautiful reach the stars, only to be able to take it down, degrade it and shut it down (and worse if you're a woman).

To me it's very important to write this down, and share it because it would seem as though that lately it's more clear how malicious people are full of privileges, while they deceive a public, people with malice and dishonesty are supported and adored. Sometimes it would seem that more and more, kind people and the truly passionate and talented ones are the last ones on the list, trampled and abused. As a huge, huge, huge fan of Britney Spears, I've been waiting for this moment FOR YEARS, and it fills me with joy and faith to know that Britney will still be able to enjoy a huge part of her life her own way, free, magical as always and probably appreciating it as no one else. It's sad that her abuse is more incredible than fiction, her talent should've never been mixed with such a darkness and sickness. Let's reflect on those who we give the power of a microphone, let's open up our eyes before we choose in who we trust to give them the baton of arts or to "influence" us, lately we've been realizing that most of the time no one is who they seem to be and just like some have disappointed us, there's cases like my princess Spears, where there's magical and invaluable people, being abused. People that truly love what they do, that develop A TALENT, and they put all their heart and strength in sharing it with the world. But why as a society we use to to take advantage of people like that? Why do we make fun of them? Why so many people in the entertainment business end up being stalked and abused when they're open, transparent and pure? Why can't art and the effort in an art be enough for the media and public, and the private life of an artist has to turn into a circus???? Why is always the corrupt people, the ones with bad manners and prepotent the benefited ones? Why are the open and kind artists the ones that always lose? Why is it easier to scam them? Why does the world attack them until they find them an error when they were perfectly happy before (worse if you're a woman)?? Why as a society we want to find a "but" to dedicated and successful people instead of supporting their shine? Why do we keep supporting mediocre people just because they have power even though they prove us time after time that they're selfish and unscrupulous? Why do we keep harming people that is already weak? Let's appreciate people and choose wisely our leaders of opinion with more solid bases, less superficial. Even more! All this text I've only been talking about the entertainment business but it's actually in everything, but to have microphones amplifies the fact... don't let anyone cut your wings ever, not a friend, people at work, school, NOT EVEN YOUR OWN FAMILY!! Let's stop normalizing enduring the attacks of people, just because they have "a title".

Britney had to learn it the bad way, but whoever that insults you, makes you feel less, takes advantage of you, envies you or doesn't let you be free and questions you when you're happy: KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOUR LIFE. Since the first time I saw her on MTV to this day, I keep thanking for growing up with Britney Spears, not just because at the time she taught me magic, discipline, class and happiness, but with the passing of time and to this day, she has been constant, congruent and shows me about faith, fortitude, braveness, strength, hope and humanity. I wish that the next generations and any kid in the search of a hero, could have in their future people like Britney Spears and that the darkness of this society doesn't extinguish the artists with this huge quality, integrity, clarity and reach power. Things are changing and her freedom will be another thing in the list. To me the fact that Britney is still with this strength and alive to reach her freedom once more, is a very big manifestation of light!!! I hope the world gives her back all the hate that was thrown at her, in the form of love and doubled, THAT'S HOW IT'LL BE!! Honestly, it's always worthy to choose being kind to people above everything. THANKS BRITNEY for teaching me this and more  💜  You always were an enormous source of light and magic for this world, a place that was not ready for you, but that today is a little bit more awaken and educated, the love that you poured in your art has managed to wake up many hearts that today can ask themselves why your fight for freedom had to happen so you could once more, change this world and make it a better place, and in the process... YOU NEVER STOPPED DANCING! 🧚 



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