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Britney Singles the GP Would Eat Up!

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I always imagined a Toms Diner video with Britney looking normal while she’s singing sitting in the diner acting everything out, and when the instrumental kicks in it becomes an ultra glam dance number in the same diner.  And keeps cutting back and forth. Kinda like the Intuition video by Jewel but set in a diner instead.  

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Glory had a lot of missed potential. I think Love Me Down could have been big if it was a single/pushed to the GP. Also, even though it was technically a single, Slumber Party could have been pushed harder. An absolute bop. Also, Do You Wanna Come Over is great as well, and would've been cool to see as a single.

Otherwise, I think Breathe on Me and Touch of My Hand from ITZ would have been good single choices. I feel the same about Seal It with a Kiss, Inside Out, and (Drop Dead) Beautiful from Femme Fatale.

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2 hours ago, princessmimi said:

Cinderella - cause just the thought of a video of primeney dressed up as Cinderella, would've been epic!

Where Are You Now- cause it shows her real vocal talent

Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - It would've been BIG in 2016-2017!

I do agree about Change Your Mind! 

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Mona Lisa is my pick. It's has got all the vibe to it. But it needs rework tho especially on the vocals (deeper and lower tone to make it darker)

I imagine the kind of music video starting in a cruise ship lounge where she sings and flashbacks on what these people put her into while targeting a sweet revenge specifically on someone on the cruise (ala toxic but darker and just the vibe of a hollywood film)


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I definitely agree with Breathe On Me. It was such a missed opportunity. It was very **** and for its time it probably would have been controversial but - it’s Britney Spears!

Change Your Mind should have been released from Glory. Britney could have led the trend for the whole Spanish incorporation which followed around that time maybe 2017/2018 - Britney could have pulled it off first. 

I love Swimming In The Stars it’s a beautiful song and really catchy. I don’t know why it didn’t make the original Glory album. 

Cinderella back in the day would have been huge I think. I’m glad Britney took risks during the Britney era but if she had played safe, I think Cinderella was screaming out to be a single and it would have been big. 

I don’t really get the love for Mona Lisa I see that as more of a statement song but personally I don’t know what Britney was thinking with that. I’m not crazy about the song at all it sounds like a demo.

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I Will Be There (Demo version, which sounds more like BOMT & Crazy Stop Remix)

Any song from OIDA would've been a hit (except dear diary and perhaps satisfaction)

Lonely/What It's Like to Be Me/Cinderella/Before The Goodbye/I Run Away

Showdown/Breathe On Me/Shadow/The Hook Up

Any song from Blackout would've been a hit

Unusual You/Shattered Glass/Out From Under

Inside Out/He About To Lose Me/Big Fat Bass

Britney Jean (Removed By Demand)


Love Me Down/Change Your Mind/If I'm Dancing

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