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When free, can Britney make a “comeback” bigger than circus

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If she decides to comeback, she just can't have a big comeback she needs solid singles to back her up in terms of sales plus she needs smart marketing team like Taylor for example to make a hit era! 

She also needs vocal training, and dance training I don't think she doing anything right now which seems legit! I don't except her prime dance era because she's in her 40s now but I do think it will be good as this time it will be all her. 

She must have vengeance so it will be really good to see how when she has full control comes back again, want her to be happy! 

I also see her expanding her line, maybe more perfumes or dancing schools maybe? All the people on this thread who are saying she can't cater to younger gen should understand only younger generation is not making the whole population, Madonna still outsells tour I agree industry is agist but if Brit is smart about it she can have her peak era just like Madge! 


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Its hard because to be honest im at the point nowadays where I dont even know what makes an album 'successful'. because an album charting at like no20 can sell more than an album charting at no2 and streaming  has made it more confusing. i remember Claire from Steps saying in 2017 when they released their comeback album and they was up against Ed Sheeran she said their streaming numbers were tiny and their physical sales were huge, but with Ed. his streaming numbers were huge but physical sales were tiny. So which one was more successful. Yes Ed got the no1 spot but like ive said, being no1 doesnt really mean much anymore

i think B10 will be successful in someway [if we ever get B10]. Shes been getting a lot of public support and probably gained more fans and if she gets free, i think people will want her to be successful again and they'll be renewed interest in her. Of course, the music has to be good and the comeback single will have to be a banger. But i do see B10 doing well.

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Honestly, no and only because I think she'll want it to be low key. I really don't think she wants the attention of the whole world on her.  However, I would love a book tour alongside an album release.

I think she'll want to release music and dip in and out of the industry and do a random performance here and there.

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In terms of sales figures - no, but Circus had the advantage of being released in 2008. In terms of status however, that would be a resounding - YES!

With *effective promo (quality >> quantity)  and good music, she could easily have a huge comeback with a #1 album and probably even a #1 single. Platinum would be a breeze if there are 3 or 4 singles. 

People are already on her side now more than ever 💙 Now all she needs is her freedom and a passion to return to music and we’ll be here patiently waiting for her!


*Like a good documentary and great play-listing on streaming services. Great visuals are also effective.

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I don't think so, and not because of her, or her talent or capabilities, but simply because the industry has changed so much.

And not just the industry, but the consumers are a new generation that have grown up with a different generation of artists, the styles are different, the consumption is different, I don't think any amount of promo will be enough to cause an impact.

Of course, there's always the "luck" factor where for whatever reason her comeback single may go viral or whatever, but again, that is something people can't control or predict. There's no formula that says, with this amount of promo, or with this timing, or with this producer, or with this video, or with this outfit, it's gonna become a hit. She could even collaborate with whoever is the hottest artist right now (I totally ignore who that is lol ) and still that doesn't guarantee any success.


But I think no one should care about it. If she ever decides to come back and release a single or an album, I think we as fans just have to enjoy it and not expect anything else, especially from the people that never gave a damn about her in the past. 


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I don’t think she wants to be huge and work that much..

I think she will record good album(s) and do several shows with little bit of promo or maybe even without it (like blackout)..

she wants to live family life and create something as an artist.. I don’t think she ever wanted to be as famous as she was.. even in 2001-2002 I thought she regretted about many things 

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