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Britney Spears Ex Back-Up Singer Sent a Statement to Britney's Legal Team Backing Up Her Testimony

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I think even saying this on twitter is too much. She shouldn't have bothered tweeting anything, IMO.

However, I hope some others in the industry have done the same and/or have been contacted by her legal team to give accounts of abuse she's suffered. It's clear it's going to take a lot to get Jamie moving.

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It also looks like she is saying she signed an NDA but was able to give this testimony because she witnessed illegal activity...if this is from 99 I wonder if this has to do with Britney's father or Larry Rudolph because Britney's Testimony included both...

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1 hour ago, John0164 said:

Probably evidence of them pushing medications and supplements for a “stronger” performer back then.. a lot of people have made comments about how her parents had her on adderall and other performance enhancing drugs to stay awake, perform rigorous etc.. if anything she should be in contact with rosengard 




It could be this because in her tweets she alludes to signing an NDA but being able to give her statement because an NDA can't forbid you from speaking on illegal activity...since this is probably from 99 to early 2000s it likely has to deal with either her parents or Larry Rudolph just judging from Britney's testimony and who is still around her from then...

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12 minutes ago, ROL said:

Oh I feel like this is what Rosengart will focus on a lot! Getting statements from people who have witnessed the abuse first hand, excited for the next court date guysss

Yeah Judge Penny obviously doesn’t feel compelled to act based on Brit’s testimony and Lynn & Jodi declarations alone, so the logical next step is getting a lot of concrete evidence and witnesses for the next filing and/or hearing. 

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