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What do you do when you can’t sleep?


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I always look at my phone before bed but turn on the eye comfort shield that blocks the light that keeps your brain awake and put the setting until the screen gets dimmer or different color tint that's not bright.

I like my room cooler to help me sleep and I keep a fan on too for background noise.

I watch relaxing videos. Nothing that makes me laugh cause that doesn't help you sleep. Sometimes I post here at night and that makes me tired reading threads and responding.

No shade but honestly this thread made me tired I think cause of everyone talking about sleeping :jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle:

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I read an article a few months back that basically says if you can't fall asleep, get out of bed and do something (not screen related). Read, listen to music, meditate, write, etc. Even small chores like folding laundry or washing dishes. The article was saying how we train ourselves to fight to fall asleep, or back asleep, and in the process can develop other worse habits. Therefore, getting out of bed and doing something will hopefully let yourself get sleepy again and you can go back and try and fall asleep. I'm the worst with being able to stay asleep. I've actually found this helps a little over tossing and turning.

Here is a similar article, though the original one I was reading was from a sleep clinic study.


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