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What do you do when you can’t sleep?


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Well , it happens to me very often , I usually try not to think too much , sometimes it's the worries that keep us awake (in my case it's mostly my boyfriend),  try breathing exercises and guided meditation sometimes it helps , when I'm sleeping alone I sleep much better than with another person :jabba_monster_gross_ew_disgusting_chew:

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For me, I found that stoning things really helps. I know… I’m a drag queen so of course I have 1000 things that need to be stoned. When I can’t sleep, I make some sleepytime tea from celestial seasonings, put on a show I’ve seen a million times for background ambience, and get to work, usually in about 30 minutes I’m tired. If that doesn’t work, I read a book in bed, and if that still doesn’t work, I’ll take either a Benadryl or ZQuil but that’s a last resort. IF you like ANYTHING to be sparkly, it’s like 10 bucks for some E6000 (glue) and some cheap stones from hobby lobby. If you don’t like sparkly things (😭) then a good 1000 piece jigsaw can be good. I know, it sounds like an old lady activity, but it’s really good for your brain. Crosswords/word search work great too. I hope you can start getting some sleep. I had really bad insomnia for the longest time, occasionally it’s something I still deal with. I’m doing so much better currently, being on a more set schedule helps. Also working out in the morning is good, I try to do 4-5 miles on the elliptical, and afterwards I always feel so great. Endorphin rush is real ❤️ Also, I’m not sure where you are located or what the restrictions are like there, but try to always have something planned. Make it a point, seriously. Having something to look forward to or a goal to work towards always helps to calm some of that inner dialogue keeping you awake. This can be something as simple as making a lunch/movie date with that friend you haven’t seen in a year, taking a class to learn a new skill, or making different lists and finish doing the things on them (books, movies, restaurants, new stores) - just stay busy! That’s huge. At the end of the day, you’ll be tired, but you’ll feel so accomplished and good about yourself ❤️ I’m not always on here, but also, if you ever need to talk feel free to DM me and I’ll do my best to listen, and give feedback/support. (This goes for anyone who got this far in this post 😅)


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6 minutes ago, Malibu.D.Luxx said:

I read a book in bed, and if that still doesn’t work,

reading books also works, but I've found it has to be something that is not interesting to you, like, you can find a random Wikipedia article and just start reading until it bores you, or if it's gonna be a video, it's the same, maybe a documentary about something that you really don't like, but the key is that you actually try to pay attention, but it's gonna be so boring that you'll fall asleep. 

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1 hour ago, Oh baby baby said:

I usually fantasize about being interviewed about some of my regrets and important life decisions and all eyes are on me and I have to be articulate and credible to the public and as I am answering all those questions in my mind, I fall asleep. :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

parent trap twins GIF


I don't have an audience, more like a one-on-one




Gotta go seek help bye

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4 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

reading books also works, but I've found it has to be something that is not interesting to you

I’m the complete opposite! I read books that I’m interested in! I just finished reading The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker- it’s like 112 pages, but it took me a little over a week to read only because I usually can’t read for more than 10 pages or so before getting tired! If that was a book I was reading during the day it’s definitely a quick read that I would get through in one sitting. But I try not to read really long things in bed or it would take me forever lol. 

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a ritual helps a lot, like, always take a hot bath before going to bed then just find a good position and touch your bed like open your hands with light thoughts about how comfortable you are, you can use aromatherapy like lavender essential oils and stuff like that, put on your hands, smell it touch your bed and be comfortable and then you'll sleep like an angel 

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17 hours ago, SlayOut said:

Aside from a brain transplant what tips do you...



Honestly? Pay attention to your tongue. Yes, your tongue. Relax your tongue, but in its correct physiological position (that is, when you're resting, or not speaking or eating or s*cking d/OK YOU GET THE IDEA). I've been told by a doctor that the tongue is the first muscle that needs to relax before we fall asleep. I've done it, and it has worked for me every time.

The position of the tongue should look something like this:


The tip of the tongue should be touching the roof of your mouth, just before your front teeth, and the rest of the body of the tongue needs to fall down, but in a toned way (that is, NOT to the sides). The back of the tongue needs to be down, relaxed.

Also, I think hugging him in bed would help as well:

And try to CALM DOWN! But BEFORE you go to sleep. Like, control your every day thoughts. Not everything that goes through our minds is valid. We need to learn to filter our own thoughts. I sure know about that, 2020 was a riiide for me... But I've learned my lesson:




2. Turn each and one of those m*therf/ckers into a POSITIVE THOUGHT. This is the hardest part, because at first we don't see the positive in what's going on around us, that's why we have so many negative thoughts obviously, but that's also exactly why you need to practice this every day. I promise you'll actually get good at seeing the positive in things! It broadens your perspective on the challenges of life to be honest...




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I don't know if anyone already said this (I didn't read anyone's comments :emma:) but, try going to bed earlier, like maybe two to three hours earlier than ususal. I find that to be helpful and form the habit of going to bed at that new set time. I hope that helps, if not then fahk it you don't need sleep anyway that's for old people :emma:

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I am very random cause sometimes I like to sing songs I like out loud and other times  I "pleasure" myself.

But I will say though that pleasuring myself gets me REALLY tired.

I just gotta be careful though when I do cause I live with my other relatives lol


AND if that dont work,

I just take extra sleeping pills lol

(I know, how anti climactic)

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