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How would her insta looked like if she was never in a c-ship ?

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i think it'd be a lot more insightful - an opportunity for her to narrate her story in her own words. i don't think it'd be a lot more polished, but definitely a lot more insightful.

she would actually answer questions we want answered, she would actually share things she cares about... aka not her favorite movie.

and i feel like she would use to set the record straight anytime something was said about her that wasn't true.

also i feel like we'd see her children a lot more.

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the thing is you can't just think of Instagram, but we would've had to see her evolution, from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ ( :gimmemoar_britney_hat_more_gimme_giggle_haha_hehe_lol_2007_vmas_lmao: ) and even her own Youtube channel.

Depending on how it went from there, and how her relationship with the media was over the years, it would be the content and style of her IG posts.

I fee like it wouldn't be that much different than when she used to post a lot of pictures and clips with her sons and niece, etc.

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