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2016 Censorship "Daddy Issues" Full Story Revealed

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Jesus... Britney's Dad Needs to GO! and all her managers, publists.... needs to go too and never even get closer to her again

It's her dad and team that make Britney distant from people.... She used to be friends with her dancers, stylists...etc and hanging out in their free time and very friendly before the conservatorship .... but after the conservatorship put in place, her team just didnt let her be friends with anyone.... all those pictures of Britney with someone were all set up from her team?!

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The most infuriating part is that you can see from the selfies that Britney was genuinely in a good mood and looked happy to do so. If she was put on the spot and felt uncomfortable etc then it would be understandable. 

If I were him- I'd have been pushing back- asking for evidence of where/when/how he was told 'no photos'. 

Absurd (but not surprising) behaviour from her team. 

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On 8/25/2021 at 7:19 PM, Louis-j said:

Even if she got close to someone ? How would that be a negative thing for them ?

I hope she never ever works again for any of those *********. :juggingu_britney_hat_meme_neyde:

She can snitch/escape… They all understand Britney was very smart, 

“Oh look at that crazy sisters of mine, always trying to get a phone, you’re  so smart aren’t ya!”

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The only way they could guarantee she would never break free or get help was by not letting anyone close to her and it’s heartbreaking. isolation breaks people, there’s a reason it’s used as a torture technique. Britney is incredibly strong and I feel so sorry for this guy and I’m glad he spoke up even though team con threatened him multiple times and did this to him.

Rapunzel just came to mind. Locked away in a tower. No windows or doors. Except there was no prince to magically save her. I hope once all of this over people like this guy will sue team con for defamation. They deserve to pay for everything they’ve done, including ruining innocent lives just for trying to be a friend to Britney.

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6 hours ago, jokobish said:

And he has the nerve to tell people she’s crazy… look at that crazy look in his eye


but waittt it looks like he is like yelling and threatening her by his facial expressions 

Larry Rudolph is so scary in the first clip. Nightmare-material :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:

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