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2016 Censorship "Daddy Issues" Full Story Revealed

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1 minute ago, Easy There said:

Isnt that that crossed eye creep  thats always stalking her on RC ?

Who, what, where? Why do I not know about this? Do you have info on him or what he looks like? I was assuming the guy was talking about Larry giving him a hard time. Jamie is just disgusting. He is like a lower octave of Josef Fritzl to me. So damn creepy.

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it's really awful the way they operate, and of course I feel bad for him (though he's been luckier than any of us by having so many chances to be around her), but I also feel bad for Britney with them always cutting people that gets close to her. 


Off topic, I just got confused with the fragrance trip, what is that? Also, probably he just made a mistake, but the Nice and Naughty Remixes were released in 2014, and this must've been in 2016 according to his story. Maybe it was just another perfume.


Also off topic, but I can't help but notice, because this is a lie/false memory that's been told countless times on every online article. Britney's Instagram never revealed she was at a mental facility with the me time post, it was TMZ ( :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand: ) who broke the news, and then people put 2 + 2 together. 


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