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When will she be free?

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I will never honestly even understand what free means. This is still so insane to me. Like at this point can she really not drive down to get a cheeseburger if she wants?!?! Or like access her own money?! INSANE. There is no way we can ever forgive penny for letting this still be a thing…

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All jokes aside.. This is awful. Its a sad reality . Even if shes free.. society will always judge her. The world was just saying how they owed her an apology. Now your seeing headlines saying shes crazy . I hope society stops using her as a punchingbag. Hollywood, other celebrities, fans, the media, her family and management abused this beautiful light . Britney still managed to shine . Shes one strong lady . 

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Depends how long Penny takes to officially remove Jamie, his 10 lawyers  and his staff /influence. Then an investigation, clean house, help Britney reorganise her life and then file.

Lisa McCarley said it takes 6 weeks to terminate usually but with covid, 6 months. But Penny likes to take every delay tactic there is, so who knows. Maybe another year or at worse 2 years.

It’s deeply problematic how the courts let Jamie/Vivian smear Britney in the tabloid media over and over again. This whole thing is rotten. It would do everyone good if they quickly wrap this up once Jamie is gone. :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand: 


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My gut feeling is she is going to be fighting this for many years. I think 'free' as in being able to go about and do her own thing on her own time will probably be within 6-9 months. Behind the scenes I think in order to get that freedom there is going to be enforced contracts to do with her money. 'You want to be free Britney? We'll grant you that for this amount and for this ongoing amount should you work in the future.' I think that is going to take years to undo. If it ever does.

These people do not like letting extreme cash flows like Britney Spears' go without certain conditions put in place first. I do feel Britney is like, 'Here, take the bloody money and get out of my hair! Just give me my freedom, for God's sake!" Woman knows her priorities and money really is probably not one of them. I don't think it really ever has been. I mean, she likes nice things but there doesn't seem to be a primal craving for it. Her MO seems to be about love and happiness and these sick parasites have used every trick in the book to prevent that or used it as blackmailing leverage to get more out of her.

A least Britney has the potential to create what she wishes and be loved back. Money don't love you back. It's an inanimate object at the end of the day. Which is why these parasites crave it more and more like a drug because they cannot for the life of them get that soul nourishment out of it. Ironically, they have more of a poverty consciousness than Britney does. That woman's energy and consciousness is bursting with abundance. It's why she is so generous and willing to share with others. Shame her own family couldn't even see this because we all know she would have looked out for them and supported them no matter what.

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