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New Fake News Article: Britney’s Dogs Close To Death

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16 minutes ago, Easy There said:

Honestly this doesn't look good. I hope she has a way to prove it.

Court will simply say if she can't take care of her dogs how is she gonna care about herself.


Well it goes both ways. Jamie will need to prove it was Britney fault alone. Which is a conflict of interest when he and Jodi are her conservators. 

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2 hours ago, Circuit said:

I don’t doubt that this is true. Britney Spears is not infallible, guys.

However, it really disheartens me to KNOW that this will be used against her with the conservatorship and maybe even her custody.

I think she got mad that she was left in the dark regarding HER dogs. I understand why she acted the way she did.

”Battery,” however, seems like a reach. Absolutely no need for charges.

You don’t know her at all if you think she’s an animal abuser. How low of some people to be on this forum while they think the worst of Britney.

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I personally do not believe that story. They want ppl to believe Britney can not take care her dogs, herself, kids that is why she needs cship. So obvious-paid  smear campaign.  Anyway i remember 1 of her kids said back then that smth happened to the dog.  Also if they have dog sitter then it is their job to take care of the dogs. 

Btw Jamie Lynne killed kittens with her tesla but she is not under cship.

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Just because Britney is human doesn't mean this 100% happened. All we can do here is guess and every guess is as good as any other. Unless we get our hands on actual evidence for either side we won't know for sure. but whether it happened or not, one thing I think we can all agree on is that team con is going to use this against her. Britney has a house full of people watching her all day long. this shouldn't have happened but it did and I'm guessing they either wanted this to happen or this is blown out of proportion. either way, no one here can place all of the blame on Britney alone.

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39 minutes ago, Justiceney said:

Even her dogs are enemies on this forum lol

You have to understand. All are paid by Jamie and all will risk losing their jobs if Britney is set free. He hired them and trained then as his minions . So they all will all conspire against her to save their own butts. Hearing security guards were able to turn cops away is disheartening when Britney herself called the cops. The father playing dumb and not knowing is BS. Where is Jodi? Hearing a nurse is also a maid is odd. Hearing a dog care taker is there makes this situation just an attempt to try to remain in control of this sick twisted corrupt situation. Freebritney. The house is full and the house is collapsing around these folks who are reaching for straws. 

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They had forever to prove if Britney was an animal abuser. How convenient this story drops in the lead up to Sep 29 to get Jamie removed. Besides, if Britney is so mentally incapacitated and needs dog carers the big question is, 'Why did the dogs get so deathly ill under THEIR care and why is Britney taking the fall for their abuse?' It's clear why this story dropped and it isn't because Britney is the abuser. Her father is. 

I wish to god Domestic Violence Charities got involved and voiced their opinion on all of this. This toxic behaviour from Jamie and disgusting character assassination using emotional abuse to stay in power is classic DV abuse. 

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3 hours ago, Forever222 said:

This story is a better roll out than Britney’s last 2 albums.



OP: They’re grasping at straws and coming off as desperate holding onto dear life for this story and trying to make this a trending story. I doubt that is true, Britney has always loved her dogs but they want to make it seem like she is crazy for “mistreating” dogs and “attacking” her staff. Also I’m confused, is this housekeeper also employed as the dog carer or is there a separate dog carer working for B?

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