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Is It Wrong To Follow IG Accounts That Openly Support Jamie Lynn and Britney?

Is it wrong to still follow IG accounts that follow and like Jamie Lynn Spears on IG?  

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I've been noticing that certain accounts I've followed on Instagram from either gay content creators or gay meme accounts still follow and STILL actively like Jamie Lynn Spears' posts. Britney has a huge gay fanbase and a big hetero female fanbase; Is it almost homophobic and anti-women's rights to support these accounts? I've been struggling with this for awhile, but these posts I provided are so recent. They just seem to blow smoke up the B Army's azz. I really can't imagine how anyone would post about pro Britney, but behind the scenes STILL follow and like JLS' post.

@evanreal is a celebrity journalist that interviewed many A-List celebs, and credits Britney Spears for starting his career. He has always made himself to appear to be a Britney stan but I don't get how a stan can still support JLS?






Popular gay MEME IG account: drinksforgayz. Posting these recent Britney memes for likes, but still likes JLS's post after Britney's openness about her broke sister.






And yes, they still are currently following her.



Ultimately, I'm not asking the B Army to attack their accounts, but I feel weird about this. I have followed these Britney "fans" for years and now seeing this makes me feel horrible. So back to my question, is it wrong to follow openly gay accounts that support Jamie Lynn Spears?




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44 minutes ago, Bboy1988 said:

I’m sure they are “on the surface” fans….. this who don’t really follow Britney as deeply as we do therefore they don’t know what a evil little troll Juno Lou is. 


Idk I've followed these accounts for years and evan posted a photo of him in a Britney shirt when he was a kid and the drinks4gays has been Britney stans since I cam remember. So it's hard for me to think they are just surface fans now. Idk if they're scared to lose out on gigs and sponsorships...

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So what if they following her? You’re following her too, if not on Instagram then all across the inter web, and even made a huge topic about her with pictures and everything. :juggingu_britney_hat_meme_neyde: kinda hard to be mad at those ppl for hitting Follow and getting the tea served directly to them on their feed :emma:

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Is it almost homophobic and anti-women's rights to support these accounts?

This has to be a joke right? Please tell me this is a joke lol. On what planet is following a page that likes a few posts by Jamie Lynn about her kids and breastfeeding experience homophobic? Absolutely nothing in this conservatorship situation has ANYTHING to do with ***ual orientation. I get people are passionate about the situation, but acting like this has in any way had an effect on the gays as a whole is beyond silly, and stuff like that is part of why the movement wasn't taken seriously for a while. Saying it's anti-women's rights I could almost believe, possibly, as Britney is a woman and her right to have a child has been taken away, but the homophobic thing is the absolute biggest reach I've seen so far. Britney has Jewish fans, so liking Instagram pages that like Jamie Lynn's comments means it's almost anti-Semitic, right?


Liking Jamie Lynn's page or posts about normal life stuff is completely fine in my book. I personally don't, as I never have followed her, but someone who has for decades or was a stan before, I get it. I would absolutely not like anything she posts in regards to the conservatorship or her sister for the time being tho. I see it almost like a friend or family member who starts dating someone. They choose to go out of their way to introduce them into our lives and hype them up. If I establish a relationship with them on my own level, that is nobodies fault but your own. You pushed them on us, so now you have to deal with the fact that now I have my own link to them. Just because they wronged you, and now you hate them doesn't mean I automatically have to. I can be honest and let them know I don't agree with what they did, but we have our own bond now and nothing is worse than someone who makes you burn bridges just because they have decided to, after basically forcing you to build one in the first place. 

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2 hours ago, Goten21 said:

People in this thread acting like they’re making a point by defending them :madonna_weird_alien_cuckoo_nuts:


Juno Lou is a garbage human being that kills kitties in her free time and steals money from her with dementia diagnosed sister. Guillotine! 

I’m no defending them, I don’t even know who they are :miley_cyrus_disco_ball_stare: I would never follow Juno but then again, you can follow someone you hate in order to spy on them, in theory :eyes_britney_laugh:

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I dont like what JL has posted and her shadyness, but I can understand people who do follow her cause they like her or they follow her cause they like her, but also not agree with how she has been towards Britney.

It's not an all or nothing scenario. I think the situation isn't as black and white as some may say.

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