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Sam Asghari hanging out with Mario Lopez, quite recently, before Lopez comes out praising team Con

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I believe there's a reason for every little thing that has been happening recently. We don't know the reasons or stories. I still stand by Sam and think he's a good guy. I also only base my opinion on Mario from what Brit thinks of him. She likes him, she's confident around him. While I admit everything he's said has been ****ty and he's probably signed many documents with Jamie until I know Britney's stance my mind remains unchanged. 

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I told him off. I sent him a message . 

I was a fan of yours from saved by the bell days but the way you spoke about Britney. Man, you belive in human trafficking ?? Tell me your not that dude beliving in that hollyweird patriarchy?

***** need to know we are out there


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30 minutes ago, Justiceney said:

I think Sam is complicit. 

i don't think we know enough to make this a true statement, but i am with you in the sense that a lot of things don't add up when it comes to sam asghari.

we could all debate for days on wether he's team con or not, but we all know the reasons for those in favor and those against - but one thing is certain, neither group can completely sentence him nor absolve him.

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