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Normani is now performing at the VMAs

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21 minutes ago, Stefani said:

I mean, they're not gonna book someone whose most recent "hit" barely went Top 15. :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe: Tbh the VMAs aren't so hot anymore anyway, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise for Normani.

They booked camila who's recent "hit" didnt even hit the top 40. So, stop

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Why would you say this, Normani? Why? Somebody getting fired on the marketing department for this mess. :emma:

First of all, she doesn’t have that X Factor for a solo career. Not everyone has what God gave to Camila! :emma: 

Second of all, I like Wild Side. She’s talented, a lot of people are rooting for her! 

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Jeez this girl sure has a high view of herself. :squintney_britney_confused_huh_what_umm_ok_glory:

First she was saying how her song "made an impact", when it was barely a hit.

Then now she's saying they are doing "everything" in their "power" to get her??

She needs to be a bit more humble and maybe then she'll actually have more success 

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First besides her new song, what has she done this year music wise. Come on girl you were in a semi successful girl group for like 4 years and released two mediocre singles. You are hardly a house hold name. 

Plus it’s only the VMAs. Award shows are outdated and stale anyway. 

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"See, this is what happens when you buy into your own hype"  somebody said this before, right?

But you know... she IS talented and she KNOW its. and the part that she says "i look back to those great performances and that im capable of" i do believe her, I DO think she would deliver a GREAT performance. Shes just honest with no "false modesty" you know??? But that can come out "wrongly".

I didn like her last realease... neither the song, nor the video. so... maybe thats it too... she needs to HIT.

Im actually curious/hopefull about what Olivia will do!! Hope she does a very VMA performance... its been a while... :bwink_britney_pepsi_wink_black_and_white_bw_flirt:

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That industry is getting ****tier and ****tier , she is talented, she might be a little bit "desperate" but I think her problem is that she's too passive and waiting for her label to do everything for her , which is not gonna happen , times have changed , that industry is now 50% tiktokers and stuff like that , if you're really serious about your career just be independent , those award shows are nothing , they have no value anymore , they're literally booking tiktokers and people who have nothing to do with music or talent they just want views ... It's not the 90's/00's anymore ...

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I relate this to work enviroment. :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

For example: if you’re working your butt off to get promoted, always giving your best and you see other people getting recognized except you, at some point it is logical you will get upset about it. It actually brings you down and affects your self-esteem.

The thing is: she’s been away for so long and hasn’t promoted her music as an artist should be. Even though she has a Twitter fanbase, that’s not enough to become mainstream. 

Normani may be talented, but she needs to release more music and promote the hell out of it. :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm:

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