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Britney needs out of her house and her freedom .

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Shes stuck still inside a home with many still judging her. Ask someone whose been incarcerated… been put into a room for only months.  Shes mind you been in this prison for years . A prisoner, the abuse and lack of interactions with others is vile. You start to regress. Its human nature. To help someone , you need a stable support group. People who have only a vested interest in your well being . Yet in her case shes freaking loaded. These money grubbing leeches need to be removed . Her handlers are all in on this corruption and some clueless people are  still  judging her and saying she is crazy. Locked in her own house with everyone involved in her living quarters in control or flys on the wall. Shes not crazy.. shes releasing her pain and is over the phony narrative others have created. This unthinkable control of her entire mind and body, its a really sick world we live in. Its 2021 and after 13 years I think most would be angry , lost, sad, confused, numb, tired , lonely , rebellious, she should have never had to answer to anyone . Shes so lonely. Shes sad. Her corrupt team does not care..it just keeps going . Lets just keep feeding her pills to look out of it. Lets just keep the money train chugging along. WTF is wrong with our justice system. Money money money. Forget about this human being.   She spoke of the semi nude photos .. freedom of her own body. Which she does not have .. an IUD and a huge fight with everyone paying themselves and their own lawyers. This is effed up and then some. I watched the press , the paparazzi and her so called ex husband take her down. Then her  so called own family or corrupt capitalists keep her in this horrible nightmare.  People need to keep that in mind . Shes human and shes been through the ringer times a million. Tough lady. Yet remember .. shes not free and she’s fighting the best way she can.  We know nodda and need to stop judging her instagram.  I think people need to put themselves in her shoes. Yet they have no idea. None . Free this amazing light from her prison. Murderers have more rights than Britney. Her fame and brand is her curse. That father needs to cut the crap and give it up. He's hiding his lies and corruption. A narcissist who believes women should be good subservient woman n. We have no clue who is really team Britney in her own life . Yet her lawyer thankfully is a good start. I hope this circus ends sooner than later and Britney can sore and smile . Imagine not being able to be yourself? So sad. 

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Imagine this lunatic housekeeper who you've known for years suddenly take YOUR dog out of the house without telling you. Then she returns with it and Britney rightfully confronts her and this housekeeper calls the police, calls TMZ. Imagine being Britney.


I hate this ******* world

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I agree, I wish Rosengart could file for having her rescued by the police or something and request temporary refuge until further trials. Like being moved to a safe place without any staff, still under a conservatorship but on a secure place, waiting for further court dates. Also, the president should pardon her. The president can pardon criminals, right? Even if a president has never pardoned a conservatee before, the law in America is a bit funny anyway, both the federal different laws, but also how it is all open to interpretation. This could be the first time and set as an example.

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