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How to cope with losing the one?

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Give it time. Pave your way again for yourself. Even if it hurts, tomorrow will hurt. Little but less until you can focus on it feeling good when it doesn't hurt anymore. 

Losing someone like that should be hard. Connect with your hurt because it's from losing love. 

You still have that love and confidence in you that you had when you weren't single. Lean into friends and family more. Stay busy and try to strengthen the times it doesn't hurt so much. 

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21 hours ago, BoyDeChanel said:

Maybe it would be easier if he actually did meet someone new, but he didn't and that somehow makes it worse.

I already wish I did not waste so much time, but it's very hard to go on dates here, almost everyone is only up for one-night stands and if you are not ready to put out the first time, you are out... That is just not my thing

It’s not worth it.


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23 hours ago, kgid said:

You do deserve an explanation.

You won't get one.

When someone shows you who they are TODAY.

Believe, don't chase who they were.  Respect who they've become and the choices they made.  Try not to dwell too long on the sting of those choices not including or being you.

By virtue that they are gone from your life, they are not the one for your future.  Maybe they were the one in your past, but evolution of the person is real.  


How you're feeling is real and valid.  Take the time to feel what you need to.  Lean towards acceptance.  You won't change their mind.  Don't try. 

I tell my daughters all the time when they're sad or anxious, "It's okay to feel the way you're feeling.  Get it out.  Feel it.  Cry.  Then after you've done that, it's not okay to park your car there and sit and look at the rearview mirror.  There comes a time when you've got to shift back into drive to new destinations."


Chase that horizon, Dear.  

This is so beautiful. I'm not the OP



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people are experiences, eventually they will go away and sometimes a change is needed for growth, no one is "yours", there's no such thing as "my person", sometimes you need to go bc you just can't fit in that anymore and there's so much more to learn and experience in life, that's what happens with long relationships and it's the hardest to cope with... just do your business and self love, sometimes people need their separate ways to realize something, you'll be good!


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I always talked myself into that we would meet up at an old retirement home if it was really "meant to be" ever. However since the man I loved years later ended his life that will never happen and I wonder if he ever will know just how much I loved him. Now Im married with kids and I consider myself to live a good life though. Some things are just not meant to be.  

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