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OnlyFans reverses ban on adult videos

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On 8/19/2021 at 8:15 PM, Prince Ali said:

LMFAO! Like 99% of content there is **** haha how they want to survive? And poor „content creators” that will have to find a real job now :ohi_okay_chewing_gum_well_welp:

Such a problematic comment imagine laughing at people’s livelihoods being threatened. Also I’m sure most of these people make your yearly salary in a month 

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1 hour ago, Jordan Miller said:




There’s still time to build your OnlyFans empire, Jordan! :queenriri_rihanna_red_wave_carpet_smile:


On a serious note, I’m glad they made this seemingly temporary decision. I’m interpreting it as temporary since they say they’ve “suspended” plans. That makes it seem like they can pursue these plans at a later time…

I think their reputation amongst s** workers has been damaged and maybe the company needs to provide more information. I’ll be interested to see how things develop.


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Well some of y’all’s comments didn’t age well… 😂. For the record. S.e.x. Work IS Work, and people should treat the workers in this industry with more respect.

side note: 

oh thank god.

virgins meme GIF by Death From Above 1979

Followup side note: I don’t actually subscribe to OF currently- but I will always support s.e.x. Workers and hope to help de-stigmatize the industry- the government wants to regulate every other aspect of our lives- and while I understand that human trafficking is an issue, platforms like these also give so many people an actual choice and safer alternative to illegal pros.titution.

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I’ve seen people making up to $15,000 a month off of Onlyfans. Am I jealous? Yes because I want to make that kind of money lol,  have I thought about starting one? Yes lol but I need the followers. Either way It would be stupid for the Onlyfans platform to ban **** considering that is what 99% of their subscribers and users are on there for. So unless they want to go out of business it’s not a smart business decision.

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