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Hello Exhale, new user here 😊

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Hello Exhale 😊

Not gonna lie, I kinda expect this thread to flop hard because I'm not that interesting as a person but hahaha whatever, let's try :emma:

I joined this site a week ago and I noticed that I didn't even introduce myself so I want to do that now.


My name is Henry, I'm 22 and I'm gay :emma: 

I love animals (I have 2 dogs), I love meditation, yoga, spiritual stuff, horrors :emma: I go to the gym like four/five days a week but the truth is I'm not really passionate about that, I just want to look good to my boyfriend haha :emma:


I'm a Britney fan since 2016. I found this site few weeks ago when I tried to find info about Britney's conservatorship, #FreeBritney etc. I couldn't read threads because I was only a guest so I decided to join. I definitely enjoy seeing this forum like that & be able to read all threads :emma: Things here still seem kinda new and confusing but I guess I'm getting better with it everyday :emma: 


I'd love to meet new people here and make some friends 😊 

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Thank you guys for warm welcome :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support: 

2 hours ago, MikeHunt said:

Welcome to Exhale! :jamie_lynn_grape:

Besides liking Britney, what other artists are your faves?

Hi :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support: I really like The Weeknd's music and I enjoy some songs from Ariana, Gaga, Megan The Stallion, Nicki, Doja, Olivia Rodrigo etc. but obviously Britney is my #1 :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching:

2 hours ago, maki93 said:

Welcome! when I got into my relationship I stopped going to gym because of my partner :shadelaugh_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

Where are you from if I may ask?

Hi :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support: Gym can be so boring tbh :emma: But my ego is too big to stop working out :emma: I'm from Europe but now I live in US :emma: 

2 hours ago, BUWYGF said:

Welcome to Exhale Henry, if you stan Ariana, Britney, and Ashley Tisdale you're a VIP member, especially the Ashley Tisdale part :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm: I workout as well, not for my boyfriend, i dont have one, but so i could **** with whoever I wish :yay_britney_excited_ftr_for_the_record_2008_cheering_clapping:

Hi :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support: I like few Ariana and Ashley songs :emma: Omg the part about you ******* with whoever u wish, iconic :emma: Good for you :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching:

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1 hour ago, FemmeFataleBrit said:

Hello, Henry! Great to have you here. Looking forward to seeing you share your opinions and thoughts on this forum!


1 hour ago, Sinned_88 said:

Well hello :lollipop_britney_sucker_dancing_party_2012:


1 hour ago, Lucky☆ said:

Welcome honey:orly_oh_britney_surprised_wow_excited:

Hiiiii everyone :emma: I really appreciate the warm welcome, guys, I really like being here and meeting all of you! :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support::emma: 

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17 hours ago, SlayOut said:

Usually Exhale loves to be shady but this threads vibe is welcome! :emma:
I still love being shady from time to time because it makes life exciting! :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

Hahaha I get that and it's totally fine, it can be really funny sometimes ngl but that's just not my personality :emma: 

17 hours ago, JayTawndre said:

welcome to Exhell sweetie 👋☺️

glad you have been welcome in a better fashion than myself. (Actually not new. Back on Exhale after 10 years off.)

Hiiiiiii :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support:

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