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As Not Seen On TV-Body Language Expert

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You may remember them for the infamous interview with Brian well now they brought in a body language expert to dissect the interview.


He mentioned her dad stepped down which is obviously incorrect but worth mentioning because it proves the media really made people believe that. The beginning is mostly just them setting up everything and asking her what she thinks of the whole thing in general
11:40- she talks about you can't get preg with lithium because its dangerous and that  may be why they have her with the iud
13:40 -He mentions Brian was wrong when he said her perfumes made billions
20:20 -they talk about its scary that if someone as high profile as her can be in this it can be happening to anyone.
23:45 -He talks about the double standard of how Justin Bieber did all this crazy stuff and no one put him in a conservatorship and how this would never happen to a man

They go on to discuss how she may have experienced trauma due to over exposure and how the stage was more than likely her safe space.

32:00 is where the body language actual dissection starts. they mention he touched his knee when they asked him how old he was when she got famous which translate to "I'm getting ready for these questions like a sense of nervousness.

36:12 He ask him "how did your life experiences get to enjoy what she was going through?" In his response he moved backwards showing he didn't want to answer that

43:10 The host ask if he is comfortable and she says no because he doesn't normally interview

45:04: the interviewer ask him about working with family, Bryan response according to her is that he is getting more comfortable and honest in his answer

51:10 He ask Bryan what he thinks Free Britney means. She says his head tilt is him being careful about how he answers and he may be fabricating that he doesn't know what it means because how would you not. The host says the very next week his dad addressed it to the media so how would you not know. He cleared his throat which may indicate he isn't allowed to speak on it or he doesn't want to

56:15 He ask Bryan if he ever sees anything that would indicate she is being held against her will. He makes a joke and says "Everyday" and then makes his infamous statement about how the woman are strong minded and came off misogynistic. The host says this was the most talked about statement and he gave him an opportunity to correct it. The body language says he may have been deflecting by his response and he when he made the joke he put his hand out which indicates he realized what he said wasn't good.

1:02:40 The interviewer ask what the conservatorship was and if the family were in favor of it. This is where he makes the statement "It's been really good for our family" She says he is being honest but translated into her being controlled is good for them. The blond host addresses that she understands from personal experience that it felt good for them because they no longer had to control her anymore by putting her into a conservatorship which made no sense because that's literally what they are doing. It's not like they handed control over to experts they themselves took control. She was honestly annoying and clearly didn't understand the assignment :tiffeyeroll_miss_ny_new_york_ms_annoyed_eyes_roll_eyeroll_irritated: She said it was a breath of fresh air for them to not have to control her anymore....sis what? Free Britney is about her being controlled so what are you saying? Then she goes on to explain why it seems she is defending him and she believes this interview is why she is getting out and he took one for the team :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:

1:08:45 He ask him how the family looks at Jamie being a big part of the conservatorship. He says there is always disagreements in any family and says Jamie has done the best he can with what he has been given. She says he starts comfortable but then starts fidgeting towards the end and felt the need to clarify.

1:19:20: He ask him if Britney wants it to end. Bryan responds he can't answer that because he doesn't know the legal side but he would assume she would want to get out because who wouldn't. She says he's rocking back and forth and the host struck a nerve. Bryan goes on to say its gotta be frustrating for someone to tell you what to do and she has always wanted to get out of it. She says he is being honest and they say it goes back to them thinking he really can't say much not that he doesn't know. She says he smirks which is him honing in on a point Bryan goes on to say he knows she wants to be out but its not a reality and he brings up her making her own reservations. They agree this is odd to use that as an example because she could just hire an assistant.

1:26:44 They talk about how he mentioned our fans and how it probably wasn't meant as it sounded but that he isn't media trained and just worded it the way he talks.

1:34:20 They ask him about her social media and he says she is in control of what goes on her Instagram. Drew says he doesn't know if he was lying or misinformed but doesn't believe she was because if she was what she said in court would have been made public a long time ago on her social media. Then Dana the blond host go on to defend him again and says he said more than enough and he isn't the God of her and clarified what he meant that she may have to submit it to a team. Drew and her go back and forth because he sees through the BS. You can tell he is getting annoyed with her.

Honestly this wasn't an interesting as I hoped it to be. We didn't learn anything new. I love the host because he is always objective and honest. Don't wast your two hours. Hopefully you get the gist with my semi detailed highlights lol


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I’m watching it rn it so gooood, just listening to the science behind this is fascinating. 

we gotta be the smartest fan base alive first we’re investigators, now we’re learning how to tell when someone it lying

and see this again through a new lense you can clearly see Bryan was scared and annoyed throughout the interview 

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1 hour ago, Busybee said:

ok im going to be updating as I watch with time stamps lol I don't wanna over whelm yall but don't wanna miss anything good.

thanks for the summary, I really don't want to go back to see that again lol

I saw the video on my subscriptions (I thought I had unsubscribed that channel ages ago) but didn't feel tempted to click on it

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