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Drew Barrymore on why she's stayed silent on the #FreeBritney movement

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Drew struggled without family support and made it to the other side. I think if Britney could befriend her that it would help her tremendously to have someone that’s been there and reached health and happiness. I love what Drew said about not speaking out. It makes perfect sense. 

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2 hours ago, bas che said:

Drew Barrywho? When was the last time she had a successful film? 2001? This is a prime example of celebrities showing their support when there’s something for them to gain. 

Why do you need to act like a bitter ***hole?

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despite of what some of u have said, i find this very genuine and respectful. she doesn’t know her in person and she knows what it’s like to have serious family and mental health problems being a celebrity, so she wanted to be prudent. thank you drew for your support to our girl, at the end of the day the more this is talked about in the media the better

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Why are some people dragging her like she just decided on her own to bring this subject up when the video literally starts with the man asking her? Like how stupid do you have to be to not understand the concept of an interview? They ask questions they think people will want to hear the answer to, and you answer said question. Wow, what a concept. 

I can't stand gate keeping Free Britney stans. Instead of appreciating nice words and support they get all snobby because people didn't do it as soon as them. News flash, Britney isn't the center of everyone's universe. It's gonna take some people more time to learn everything about what's been happening, and find a time that feels right to speak up on it. Instead of being a douche and shaming them for when and how they show support, why not just appreciate that they made it to that point at all?

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11 hours ago, bas che said:

Drew Barrywho? When was the last time she had a successful film? 2001? This is a prime example of celebrities showing their support when there’s something for them to gain. 

You will not disrespect a legend like Drew Barrymore. Girl, bye.

If anyone can understand Britney it is SO Drew.

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Drew Barrymore literally had to legally emancipate herself, do you guys know how difficult that is to actually show the courts, that you can legally take care of yourself and that your parents was causing you harm..


Her mom started Drew's addiction problems the moment she became famous..


To that comment about barry who.


Let me remind you, she was billed as the main star in Scream, all theatrical posters led movie goers to believe that Drew was the main star. But the 12 Minutes proved if Drew Barrymore can get killed off, then nobody is safe. 


That led to her comeback In Hollywood the infamous casey Becker cameo..

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So nice of Drew to speak out. She is known to be a nice celebrity and I definitely don't think she was using Britney to plug her show/career. Drew has had a lot of problems and family issues and has come out of that to a great place.

And no Drew Barrywho comments needed. She has had a successful career. She also comes from a consistent line of actors since the 1800s, Lionel, Ethel, John, etc.

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6 hours ago, bas che said:

I’m not gullible. What I said wasn’t half as harsh as other comments on other topics. Take your sensitivity elsewhere. 

No you're silly, she was asked about it and answered. 

And funny that you say sensitivity, you probably think that anyone who says something about Britney right now is trying to gain something from it. The pot calling the kettle black. How about you practice what you preach?

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10 hours ago, FlexAroundTheWorld said:

Omg... This fanbase. Sometimes I can't. Why do you guys make connections that are so unnecessary? Drew has been very successful since her "prime", if anything she has aged gracefully into her career and different career pivots, similar to Britney. I mean, many people would say the same thing about Britney over the past few years, "What else has she done? Besides Vegas?"

Drew doesn't need to "gain" anything. She's the host of a talk show, every talk show is talking about #FREEBRITNEY. You do realize talk shows cover... pop culture, right?

So it's not about gain, it's about... covering the current climate of the world. 

Please stop making ridiculous connections thinking everyone is trying to "gain" something unless you have proof. The only person trying to gain something right now is everyone behind Team Con. This is a PSA for everyone on this forum. Stop the baseless accusations. Use your logical mind. Think big picture before you attack someone - what she said was very respectful, and this is your reaction...


THIS A 1000X :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:

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21 hours ago, Marlean said:

I don't think we should be so quick to judge though. When was the last time Britney showed another celebrity support? 

i think the bigger question here is, when was the last time Britney was even allowed to voice her opinion publicly, barely show support towards anyone. I think it all comes down to freedom of speech, which Britney STILL doesn't have. 

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7 hours ago, Isla said:

So some of you have criticised celebs for not speaking out but even when they finally choose to you’re still not happy :calculating_confused_meme_blonde_math_woman_thinking_what:

celebrity doesn't say anything

threads daily: "Why haven't this celebrity spoken out?"

celebrity says anything

comments in every thread: "why did this celebrity speak out? why are they chasing clout? they're doing this for attention"

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Drew Barrymore check list:

  1. Has been famous since childhood
  2. Has had serious family issues (but was lucky enough to emancipate herself from her family)
  3. Has suffered from mental health illnesses (no doubt exacerbated by family problems and drugs)
  4. Was sl.u.t shamed by the media from her teens onwards (at 15/16yrs old)
  5. Has had a fractured love life/marriages
  6. Adores her two kids and is a good mother
  7. Has a pretty goofy sense of humour
  8. Lives with her feelings close to the surface
  9. Chooses to be grateful each day and live in a positive energy if she can help it
  10. Known to have a wild side as well as a traditional side
  11. Is known to be one of the most relatable, sweetest and most genuine celebrities out there whom her peers and the average nobody in the street who have met her speak highly of (which is a MASSIVE RARITY in the fame business)

Seriously, what the f.u.c.k could Drew Barrymore possibly have in common with Britney Spears, I wonder?





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