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It's Sad Things Have Changed Between Jamie Lynn and Britney as Sisters

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5 hours ago, GodneyLovin said:

All sisters fight at some point... they'll come back together eventually if they haven't already.

Not really. Narcissists can only be cut off. That's her whole family. Not a coincidence the younger sister posts about motherhood lately.

Hurting her sister at a tender spot, over missing raising her kids and being deprived being a mother again.

It's deliberate spite.

I have lived through such a family and it is deja Vu. They are seething that the gig is up and will stab with whatever they can.

They function best in the dark, and the bright light has them hopping mad. 

If I were Britney i would never let them in. They don't change. And never let their words incite a reaction. 

Like walking past a cockroach.

Narcissists can only be left. Far away. 

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On 8/15/2021 at 10:19 AM, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

It is really sad when any siblings fall out in life but I think in this case it’s particularly sad because fame and fortune has literally ripped this family apart.

Britney gave JL a massive platform when she was younger. She was her biggest cheerleader. She even said so many times that she thought JL was much better for this industry than her because she was confident and strong willed. She also said that she wanted to be a good role model for her sister. 

I think for Britney to have gone through all of this and for JL to have sided with her father and other people making Britney’s life clearly miserable is a kick in the teeth. But that aside actually getting involved in your sister’s finances and living off her is just unforgivable.  JL isn’t sorry. She just wants to fight us all day long about how she’s did nothing wrong. Her family are so in it that it’s hard for them to see reality. Britney should not be paying for any of their lifestyles. She is famous. She worked hard. She earned the money. End of. If Britney wanted to treat them (like she did many times) that’s her choice but for her own sister to do that to her is disgusting and I don’t see a way of ever forgiving that to be really honest.

Agreed. Sometimes there's no such thing as forgiveness. Maybe there'll be healing on Britney's part but there still be a line drawn in the sand: I don't want a thing to do with ANY of you ever again. Stay out of my life completely. Don't come to the house, don't call, don't text, don't send me letters, just get out of my life and stay out.

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On 8/15/2021 at 10:28 AM, LordofTheMoodRing said:

Not gunna be fake. I find it heartbreaking. 

It is. You think of how painful it is to lose a family member because they died. Now look at Britney's case where she lost her whole damn family and it was because they royally betrayed her and ****ed her over in one of the most cruelest ways possible. I truly hope Britney's kids are there for her.

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On 8/15/2021 at 11:11 AM, queenofhearts said:

Friendly reminder why Britney was always the better sister

is this interview they asked her what's her greatest moment of her life and she said the day her baby sister was born!! she could have said something like the day I got signed to a record deal or when my album hit #1 but she said her baby sister's bday!!


That's just sad on so many levels. Yeah, there's the sister mention. But check out the answer about being away from your family. 

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Family can be TOXIC. Jamie Lynn grew up privileged being britney's little sister and now that she's an adult has sided with her parents I suppose.. 


Either way, they all have no respect for Britney being the main bread winner for the entire family, supporting all of them and this is how she was repaid. Makes you sick when you think about it. Helping someone, maybe a year or two.. 13 ******* years. It's insanity.. And it was not in her best interest obviously. They were like her ******* prison guards and I don't care what mental problems she has it was above and beyond any and everything.. 

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On 8/16/2021 at 3:10 AM, JayTawndre said:

Because jl wants to be famous too

And that's something I don't get. I said it on other threads. Okay, I realize she had Zoey 101. I was talking about the country music career. She could've been the Spears sister doing her own thing*. JL is pretty, her voice sounded alright. Definitely need to work on the lyrics because that **** was awful. I don't follow JL so Idk how many releases she made, if deals were pulled out from her under her or if she's just a flake. "Eh, turns out I'm not feeling the country thing after all. I think I'll go back to acting!"

And let's face it, that last name opened doors for her. She truly could've been making her own money 100% instead of riding the gravy train.

*I expect public meltdowns. I remember when Jessica Simpson released a country album and the drama queens were all out in full force. It's not like your Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire music is gonna get sucked into a black hole because a pop star is making a country album. A person can still say: "**** this popcountry ****. I'm gonna go listen to Johnny Cash."

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Honestly I’m  glad they aren’t close as I never liked Jamie Lynn even when Britney raves about her. It was always “okay, that’s nice and sweet but you’re too kind cuz I don’t see what you are seeing Britney sorry” she didn’t really have any talent and looked more like Lynne was trying to hit jackpot the second time. Always saw her as annoying although she had more confidence than Britney, though lack the star quality or charisma. I used to be close to my brother (who is also 10 years apart) but now we barely speak so doubt their relationship will heal.

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