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It's Sad Things Have Changed Between Jamie Lynn and Britney as Sisters

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Remember this video from 2007-2008? I remember when I saw this video I was so proud of Jamie Lynn defending her big sister. They seemed to have such a close bond. Britney has always loved Jamie Lynn. Something must have happened after 2008 between the two. There's definitely some things we don't know about. After all Britney herself said in a recent IG post that she's not even close to being done with what she has to say and exposing what's been going on the last 13 years. I really hope Britney gets the freedom she deserves and that her family gets on their knees and prays for God to forgive them and even Britney. This whole situation is sad. I'm proud of Britney for speaking up. You can tell she has had enough. Nothing worse than A Woman Scorned.

Does anyone have more info like what happened with the relationship between Jamie Lynn and Britney after 2008? 




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5 minutes ago, Kletus said:

Jamie "The Leech" Lynn only yelled back at the lady because she was being yelled at, too. If Britney had been alone being yelled at, Juno would have sat and ate popcorn :nysassy_miss_ny_ms_new_york_tiffany_pollard_cigarette_smoke_nod:

what was the lady saying to Jamie? It was not directed to Jamie Lynn. They clearly were talking about Britney 

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Just now, Adam Wiatrowski97 said:

Yes, it is very sad… This a perfect example of what money can do to people. JL’s been brainwashed. But she chose not to listen to Britney.

It makes me sad. Like I understand her dad is a piece of poop but the fact that Lynne barely is stepping in to help Britney and was silenced for so long. The other one that shocks me is Bryan (Britney's brother) like you're the first born. The big brother is supposed to protect the sisters. 

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1 minute ago, NewDisplayName said:

I was thinking about her reaction few days ago - I think she was basically protecting herself cause she couldn’t handle that hysteria that Britney was facing every moment of her day (when she was out)

So you feel the defending Britney in the video was more defending herself? To make her look better?

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3 minutes ago, AP4 said:

I think JL was still a child coming into who she was as a person and that made it easier for them to get along. Their age gap while she was young made Britney the cool older supportive sister. After a certain age that age gap isn’t that big anymore and so the “cute” things that are actually annoying become annoying. It’s also entirely possible that JL didn’t actually do anything necessarily wrong, maybe Britney had agreed to pay for the things she paid for because she loves her sister. But it became a problem after the mental health stay because of how abusive it was, that at that moment Britney needed them to stand up for her and they didn’t. And she had to stand there and watch JL get the things she wanted, to be married, to have more kids-a baby girl at that. To be free to make her own career decisions. All while Britney is stuck being told what to do. That will build resentment between people. I really feel like 2019 is what happened. Obviously Britney was never happy in the conservatorship, but 2018-2019 things got even worse. Be crazy if Jamie’s filing is right and it was her former lawyer and Jodi that caused that and Britney doesn’t actually know that. Not that Jamie being over controlling and stealing from her all the time before is excused though either. He did abuse her children too so he’s obviously still trash. But Britney seems laser focused on how awful the mental health stay and change of medicine from 2019 being the worse thing. 

This makes sense. 

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12 minutes ago, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

It is really sad when any siblings fall out in life but I think in this case it’s particularly sad because fame and fortune has literally ripped this family apart.

Britney gave JL a massive platform when she was younger. She was her biggest cheerleader. She even said so many times that she thought JL was much better for this industry than her because she was confident and strong willed. She also said that she wanted to be a good role model for her sister. 

I think for Britney to have gone through all of this and for JL to have sided with her father and other people making Britney’s life clearly miserable is a kick in the teeth. But that aside actually getting involved in your sister’s finances and living off her is just unforgivable.  JL isn’t sorry. She just wants to fight us all day long about how she’s did nothing wrong. Her family are so in it that it’s hard for them to see reality. Britney should not be paying for any of their lifestyles. She is famous. She worked hard. She earned the money. End of. If Britney wanted to treat them (like she did many times) that’s her choice but for her own sister to do that to her is disgusting and I don’t see a way of ever forgiving that to be really honest.

Yeah it's a messed up situation. Shoot I know how Britney feels though. My relationship with my sisters is no better. They could care less that their brother is on the verge of being homeless. Goes to show family isn't always blood.

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