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The Official Anti-Conspiracy Theory Thread

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Good morning fellow Exhalers! :kisses2all_britney_pom_piece_of_me_green_blowing_kissing:

I thought I'd create this thread for members who do not believe in various conspiracy theories related to Britney's conservatorship that begin and proliferate on Twitter or other Internet spaces and are sometimes brought over to Exhale. Please keep in mind: this is a topic for people that do not believe in unsubstantiated claims, take random Twitter accounts for granted, or for those who perpetuate conspiracy theories.

If you are triggered by this topic or do not take the time to read the thread introduction that follows, then I suggest you do not participate and leave. And if you try sharing a conspiracy theory in here, I will ask you to leave. Remember, derailing a thread is against Exhale rules! At least that's my understanding!



Ever since the #FreeBritney movement began, multiple groups—Team Con, the media, social media influencers, among others—termed the movement a conspiracy theory. See this article or this article as an example of what was said. These groups tried to write off longtime fans and concerned individuals as radical, emotional Internet trolls that held opinions or perspectives that were unsubstantiated by established fact. 

However, when Britney courageously addressed the Court and the public on June 23, 2021 and subsequently on July 14, 2021, notions that the #FreeBritney movement were a mere conspiracy theory imploded. For the first time, the public learned the depth of Britney's struggle for freedom from the conservatorship, and the disgusting restraints that were placed over her by her father, her family, lawyers, and the conservatorship system. Less and less did #FreeBritney look like a conspiracy theory, and more and more did it look like an actual set of events and circumstances which involved her family, her team, and others.

Britney's powerful testimony changed the tide of public opinion, with more celebrities, mainstream media, and everyday people rallying behind Britney's freedom. At the same time, this has generated a section of the fanbase or dedicated #FreeBritney followers to try to uncover (or find, out of thin air) every possible stone in Britney's conservatorship case. This has, in turn, led to the proliferation of new conspiracy theories that are, again, unsubstantiated by fact.

For instance, here are three conspiracy theories that I have seen pop up on Twitter and that made their way to Exhale since Britney's testimony:

  1. People questioned Mathew Rosengart's expertise and motives in the case, as he hadn't filed a petition to remove Jamie Spears as Conservator of the Estate within his first week of officially representing Britney Spears. People failed to understand that he had to familiarize himself to a 13 year old case and is still in the process of reviewing all court records.
  2. Lou Taylor runs a series of healthcare companies called Tri Star Medical Group and Rehab. There is no evidence these companies are connected to Lou, but because they happen to have the name "Tri Star" in their name, fans claimed that they had to be run by Lou.
  3. Prentice Penny, the son of Judge Brenda Penny, somehow benefits from his mother’s role as judge in the conservatorship case, despite not being an interested party to the conservatorship. And online harassment and possible death threats leveled toward him or his mother are justified.

This is not an exhaustive list of conspiracies, as there have been others before these and there will most likely be more after this thread is published.

I find this disturbing on a few fronts. One being how casually people spread information that is not fact checked or even based in reality. Another being that if anyone calls into question the validity of these conspiracy theories, they are automatically labeled as "Team Con", "TMZ", or people who do not care about Britney or her freedom. Additionally, these conspiracy theories do have real life consequences, such as the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department monitoring online activity that may lodge d**th threats against Judge Brenda Penny.

Lastly, I believe the proliferation of these conspiracy theories fuels infighting within our fanbase, and erodes any form of trust or confidence we have in the movement or even in Rosengart's representation of Britney or Britney's own advocacy for her freedom.

So, what do you think? How do we address the spread of misinformation in order to not discredit the #FreeBritney movement?

Remember, this is a thread meant to generate conversation and propose solutions for limiting the spread of misinformation. Please do not attack other members who, in your eyes, may have or actively do participate in this behavior.


@danny1994 shared this helpful resource from Kanye lawyer Christopher Melcher, “who has been making videos lately and gives advice about the Free Britney movement, and talks about how fans should behave.”


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3 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

Wait...so you are starting out an "anti-conspiracy theory" thread by admitting that Freebritney was once considered a "conspiracy theory" but was proven to be true? Flop. 

Did you even read my post? :tiffeyeroll_miss_ny_new_york_ms_annoyed_eyes_roll_eyeroll_irritated:

#FreeBritney was considered by some in the media to be a conspiracy theory. Check the sources I posted. I never believed that, because I've followed the movement and have been a fan for years.

Britney's testimony obviously blew up the media's notion that #FreeBritney was a conspiracy theory.

That does not mean, however, that fans have peddled other conspiracy theories.

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2 minutes ago, MARKUS said:

Just because people (I personally too) don't believe everything they read on TMZ or disagree with it doesn't make them conspiracy theorists. AND what is the point of Exhale if all we had to do is nod to news outlets? WHY be here then if we are not allowed to have a discussion? 

Did I say that people are not allowed to discuss certain topics? Where did I say that?

What I did ask in my thread introduction was why do people share baseless conspiracy theories as if they were 100% true?

Do you have any idea? :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp:

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16 minutes ago, SlayOut said:

Thanks for your serious take on my thread. Much appreciated. :boredney_britney_2015_annoyed_eyeroll_hair:

On a more serious note, the fanbase has trust issues. We've been fed lies for more than a decade so it's not as unhealthy as some say to doubt anything coming from "her" camp. Not everything is a conspiracy but no one can blame us for not believing that one time make up artist or doubting her new lawyer when her former has been a turd. 

What I think we should do is ignoring Prentice and Jamie Lynn. They are starving for attention. We should keep on digging and question everything and everyone though. Remember when some of the Army members were trusting Lawyers for Britney and praised Kingham ? Look how it backfired.


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18 minutes ago, Roger said:

On a more serious note, the fanbase has trust issues. We've been fed lies for more than a decade so it's not as unhealthy as some say to doubt anything coming from "her" camp. Not everything is a conspiracy but no one can blame us for not believing that one time make up artist or doubting her new lawyer when her former has been a turd. 

What I think we should do is ignoring Prentice and Jamie Lynn. They are starving for attention. We should keep on digging and question everything though.


Trust issues is a thing about humans. Especially these days. How can we trust someone who tell lies at the higher level (gov, medias, ...)? Trust is hard to achieve between ppl & easy to fall. So I don't see what's the problem if the fanbase has "trust issues"

Imo it's a good thing what is happening because this is how we evolve, questionning things. Personnaly I'm glad I've questionning a lot of thing in my life because I'm happier than ever, even if the "truth" is hard.

btw, I'm not here for a "fake news debunk" thing in Exhale. I will sign out if it happen.

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i like what you wrote, and i agree to some of it to an extend. we do see a lot of ridiculous things, but i don't think anyone take those very seriously - specially those 3 you mentioned; threads are made but people are mostly making fun of those theories there... no one believes them... because we can't believe something we still don't have concrete proof of, but that brings me to this:

i have to say that while i don't obviously believe everything that i hear... in my head most of what we've wondered before has a slim chance of being possible and i don't discard those theories until proven false - mind you, i don't accept them as truth either, case there is no proof, but i keep them within the realm of possibility.

and with the theories i feel are most likely to have some truth to it, i believe that maybe the truth will fall somewhere in between what we believe, and reality; because we have no proof of either side so it ok to question.

- something that comes to mind: the theory of forced sterilization... yes that sounded crazy at the time, and it was not what we believed to be a possibility at the time... but see that reality fell somewhere in the middle, she has an IUD inside her, and while we don't know for sure if she was forced to get it inside of her or if she had it in her from before and they didn't allow her to remove it... but still its a way of sterilization... so there was some truth to it.

yes, there are ridiculous things brought up and i agree with you in this - we should never take ANYTHING that isn't factual as truth. that is completely wrong and dangerous.

but, should we internally dismiss every unconfirmed conspiracy theory from the get go? no, we should try to look for confirmation, wether false or true...

because, my friend say what you must, but the truth has very much surprised us in the past. i don't put many things past these ****ers.

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