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Britney is not famous anymore

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3 minutes ago, Oh baby baby said:

Today I went to the store to buy Midnight Fantasy. I had a hard time finding it and I asked the sales person to help me find Britney's perfume. She said,"Oh, we don't have it!" And I asked why because they had all sorts of perfumes (even the one from Xtina)... And the ***** said,"She's not famous anymore. No store is selling it!"

And I went to other stores to check. Salespeople looked at me like :huh_britney_confused_what_2003_itz_zone_in_the:

I went back home disappointed and heartbroken :crying2_britney_crying_tears_2003_diane_sobbing_sad:

p.s.I live in a small country in the southeastern Europe...


which country. im also from east europe so i might help u order it online

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5 minutes ago, MARKUS said:

How can someone NOT BE famous anymore? if they are famous then they are famous. Pepsi is Pepsi :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp:

exactly my point... being famous is being known... so then knowing that she's not famous would imply that you know of her current "status" so you know of her... so she IS therefore FAMOUS.

get it, get it.

reminds me on that article published by the times of something; the headline was like: why is britney spears on the news now? because she hasn't been on the news for a while. - referring to her "me time".

conclusion? she's bitter.

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Just now, Oh baby baby said:

Well, in my flop country hardly any store sells Britney's perfumes... :bcut_britney_clapboard:

So the narrative of your post must have been different. It is not Britney who is not famous, it is that store and that place who live in complete ignorance. The correct title of your post should be "Ignorance is risky" You can edit it.

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