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Judge Brenda Penny's son Prentice Penny claims the #FreeBritney movement is driven by white racist fans

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I didn't know she was black until now...

But anyway, I'm sure he is somewhat justified in saying that because of the way some people are on social media... it wouldn't shock me if people were sending him and his mom racist messages.

I'm sure this woman worked very hard to get where she is and is a great mom, but that doesn't mean that she's incorruptible or incapable of bias. It's also possible that she's just doing her job... after all, Britney just recently hired her own lawyer and began opposing the conservatorship in court, after years of Team Con presenting evidence and working with the judge. She's not just going to be like, "Oh, whoopsie, okay," and turn on the other team of lawyers. Like it or not, they deserve time to prepare their defense.

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6 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

2021: if I’m black and I disagree with you you are a white supremacist racist, a terrorist and a member of the KKK!!! 

I'm so tired of that **** and I'm Hispanic .

Everything nowadays it is about race and being a victim :clown_meme__makeup_green:

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53 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

I am very integrated into this movement, and I personally have not seen racism. I do recognize I am a white male, so perhaps I need to keep my eyes open more (maybe I don't have a leg to stand on here?). Now what I HAVE seen is Britney tell Judge Brenda Penny she is in an abusive situation and wants the conservatorship to end without evaluation and then be ignored on several occasions.  

these are facts

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While I agree with some of the responses that Penny isn’t the best person for this case, I also want to point out that the term “race card” is offensive. It would be one thing if I saw it once but it’s damn near every other comment. 

POC don’t walk around with a Pokémon deck of “social issues” cards ready to throw it whenever we can.  For all we know, Penny could really have racist threats coming her way. Would not be surprised. I just saw a “free Britney” supporter under a tweet thread about JT losing his friend and backup singer. Literally a woman (who happens to be black) died and has been with him for years, to the point all the fans felt the loss too. That free Britney supporter said no one cares and made fun of her for dying.  

My point is there are some fans in this movement who do give it a bad rep. We can say he’s wrong about judge penny without dismissing his reality to a race card. Especially when most of the people who use that term are not POC. It’s literally a term created to weaponize our reactions to living in a world where we are not equal.

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Racism means you intentionally or unintentionally are deeming someone less than you because of the color of their skin.

I don't care if Penny is black, purple, or brown. Unless there's some monster secret, which I'm sure we'd all have discovered by now, we only care about how she handles the case. Has nothing to do with race. 

If someone alleges abuse, that person should be removed or suspended IMMEDIATELY. Even when police officers are being investigated for their actions, they are put on a suspension until the investigation is cleared. I'm sure Mr. Netflix agrees that's the most fair and neutral step if there's a potential incorrect actions in the context of white officers and black civilians.

So why is it any different for Jamie? Riddle me this, Netflix. 

Nobody cares you or your mom is black. We want her to do the right thing and it's CLEARLY not keeping Jamie involved. 

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4 hours ago, Intheblue said:

I support her but I also believe there’s two sides … the fan base I don’t know project way too much of their own feelings on Britney. and when Britney doesn’t comply than it must not be her fault . Britney isn’t perfect … not everyone is a villain 

I agree with you, we don't know the full story. But I disagree Jamie shouldn't be suspended, see my comment about how police officers are suspended while an investigation is under way even if they are "innocent" 

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It is absolutely unprofessional for him to comment on Britney's case.

his mother put her hands on her lap for 3 years and did nothing for britney. Logically that the Fan Base does not send love letters to him and his mother. It was always emphasized that guardianship was "voluntary". Now Britney wants to voluntarily end the matter immediately.  ;-)

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