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Judge Brenda Penny's son Prentice Penny claims the #FreeBritney movement is driven by white racist fans

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1 hour ago, Alio said:

Calling out a group of people because of their color of skin when race was never the reason this group came together is itself the definition of racism. This young man seems racist against white people...and unfortunatly it looks like it has become a trend in the US, very sad time we're going through indeed.


(PS : Also last time I checked being a Britney fan comes in all shape and color :calculating_confused_meme_blonde_math_woman_thinking_what:, so....)

Exactly...calling out a group of britney fans and labelling them 'racist' is in itself racist..


It's 2021 ..literally no one these days (any respectable person) is not racist...

Sorry to say this but most of the racist Remarks I hear these days are from black/ethnic backgrounds for example..

I was on a titanic documentary the other day on YT and someone said they probably wouldn't let her on cuz she's black.. I said "it was a immigration ship and only made 1 journey, you would have been allowed on, you calling the uk racist when we are so tolerant is completely racist, you just said you would be denied entry..do you actually know what racism means?" 

And she said "white people being mean to black and hispanic people" 

And I literally wanted to punch my screen.


When stupid people don't know what to do they pull the race card..  pathetic 

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3 hours ago, MikeHunt said:

Her being black has nothing to do with this. We out here calling out Lou, Jamie, Sam I, Lynne, Bryan and Jamie Lynn who are all white. This is a desperate attempt to pull the race card to dismiss his mother's seemingly corrupt ways (that probably afforded his entertainment career). I hate when people pull a social issue card when it's not relevant and only pulls away from the severity of real social issues.

The funny thing is that someone pulled the race card before he did it. No matter how much the person tried to preface it with not being a racist, they still made it about Penny’s race:


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Oh OF COURSE he had to play the racist card, it's the only card he has anyway. 

Well SURPRISE you irrelevant worm, 95% of this fanbase didn't even know your mum is a black woman up untill a couple of weeks ago and that didn't stop us from trashing her. Moreover, I was convinced she was a white chubby lady up until recently :orangu_orangutan_ape:

So you can take that racist card and stick it up your privileged, opportunistic, hypocritical a33. 


Nobody ASKED YOU ANYTHING anyway so I have no idea why you're even talking about this. 

Suck It Fox Tv GIF by ScreamQueens

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1 minute ago, Marcanthony said:

Hope this doesn't get too messy and the judge takes out the anger on Britney instead. We need to be calm. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

Just one question? What is racist in this post yung rich made? Sorry, I'm stupid🙈 

Cause Penny's son clearly calls this racist and I don't get it:jtum_justin_timberlake_surprised_wow_um_blink_eyebrows_shocked:

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What a mess. I wouldn’t be surprised if Penny excuses herself from this case at some point. Or Matthew takes it to a higher court.  

Do we really believe she has it in her to push forward with a deep investigation into Britney’s finances and abuse and actually do something about it? :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare: 

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