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Which artist do you find to be most annoying?

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On 8/13/2021 at 11:32 PM, MikeHunt said:


I hate hearing her overly exaggerated wannnabe Sia voice. Shes screechy and whiny. She's not an artist just a one trick pony. She is tone deaf to real life situations and never seems genuine. She's sooo effing extra in live performances. She used to seem funny when she first started in 5H and now she takes herself so serious. She really thinks she's an A-list pop girl but in reality she has flopped way more times than not. Her team still manages to get her flop songs played 24/7 on the radio and to perform at every award show but yet she cant even sell out a tour or sell an album....screams payola. The public dont check for her the way she thinks they do. She seems super entitled and due to her association with Shawn, I no longer enjoy his music. this problematic rat! 


This. ALL of this. :gimmemoar_britney_hat_more_gimme_giggle_haha_hehe_lol_2007_vmas_lmao: But is that picture real? :orangu_orangutan_ape:

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  1. Taylor Swift honestly I am not a fan of the performative activism with her. Like someone said she stated above she only fights for causes that benefit her $$$. Also when we find out she “donated” to charities or she “hangs out” with fans at her house. Why does there have to be press about it? Like can’t this woman ever just do a nice thing in private like a normal person? It doesn’t come off as genuine when you announce your donating to a cause to the press. It only seems to be for publicity.

    As well she never truly supported LGBTQ+ people until it was normalized in society. Madonna literally supported LGBTQ+ people in a time where the president of the US (Reagan, Bush) were provoking  their base to be anti gay because of the AIDS crisis. Majority of her dancers were openly *******ual and minorities. Britney also spoke up about gay people multiple times in the 2000s where it was still normal to gay bash. 


    I also am just not big into her music people act like it’s not innovating it sounds very basic and it’s something I have heard from other artists before.


    Her parents also allegedly paid for her career in the beginning since they were rich and from the country. Which is white privilege at its finest. 


    Ariana Grande I find her personality to be just kind of try hard. I also find her music to be basic and nothing special except her voice. But her music is so boring. I wish she would of taken a route similar to Xtina. 

    Selena Gomez I use to like her when I was younger but as she got older I just have been turned off by her. Especially after that article that came out earlier this year about her retiring from music because it isn’t successful. That was such a turn off to hear that. So you don’t actually care about the music?  I found Revival to be bland and everything after that was a hit or Miss. I preferred her music from Star Dance and before.

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