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Which music video would you have liked to see differently?

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Probably controversial opinion, but From the Bottom of My Broken Heart is such a snoozefest video and part of why I never really got into the song. I know the lyrical content doesn't give really that much ideas for music video, but BOMT era videos were all so great until it.   :tina_judging_side_eye_glance_staring_looking_red:


But obviously all the the scrapped music video ideas too :boredashell_pink_britney_hmm_blink_well_umm:

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Gimme more for sure ! 

I know it's iconic the way it is now and yes the video fits the vibe perfectly as, let's face it, there's no better way to listen to that song than being drunk and messy in a club. :gagaf_wtf_dance_green_um_random:

I still cannot believe not a single journalist ever ask about that music video or what was the storyline originally or even ask the freaking the label...I guess their unprofessionalism only let them ask about vanilla candles and how she works out.

Same with the Outrageous music video, I can't believe no one has ever ask her or her team about it. :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

Also when it comes to Gimme more we haven't seen the end of it yet, cuz I clearly remember the day before or the same day the video was released two screeencaps from the video leaked showing Britney with the infamous "funeral" outfit next to a white limousine and it was IN COLOR with blue sky...we have never seen this scene (and the dancing scene with the denim vest aswell) ..so let's hope one day we'll see more.

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