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Dancer speaks out: they dragged Britney by her arms back to perform when w**d smell was in the arena

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I remember reading back then about her being pissed about the w**d and seeing her reaction. You can just feel her anger watching her towards the end of Radar.

And like who boos Britney? The actual fans should have directed their boos at the people smoking w**d indoors at a concert. Like they can't go 2 hours without smoking until outside after the show.

But I like how she got sarcastic at the end of the show saying "Don't smoke w**d...."

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This is definitely from the Circus tour in Vancouver back in 09.  The videos are still up on YouTube. You can see Brit realizing the venue is getting smoky towards the end of "Radar" and she puts her hands on her hips and starts walking around slowly looking hella mad.

After that ,there was an announcement that Britney is upset about the smoke and the crowd seems to boo/jeer. It's pretty disturbing, everything that's coming out. :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:

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8 hours ago, SlayOut said:

This is my own ignorance but could Britney actually get a contact high from the crowd that would register in a drug test?

I know contact highs are a thing obviously but didn't realize it could be strong enough to be registered in a test... :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised:

It actually doesn't count and also in a large arenas it's very hard to get a contact high but i understand why Britney would still be worried as this is regarding her kids.

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3 hours ago, Britney671 said:

Information on THC back then was scarce people didn’t know and were ignorant. The early 2000s were a trip lol. It was illegal too so, it’s not a surprise she was pissed. You can’t compare the culture of w**d  back then to the w**d todAy. 

That was the end of the 2000's though, literally 2009 

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8 hours ago, Brit52 said:


Lol this was Vancouver where it was extremely common practice to hot box the entire arena for any concert. I was second row to the side of one of the smaller rings... it was VERY smokey... but again, the people smoking wouldn't have thought much of it as this was EVERY show in that arena despite it being a non-smoking facility. You could tell the moment she came near and smelled it. 

This moment also confirmed for me that her mic wasn't really on since right before the curtain drops she grabbed her mic and said something into it, likely about the smell of w**d

As an audience member it was frustrating because the lights had been off for nearly 20 minutes before they announced it was too smoky and finally opened the vents. Then it was an additional 20 minutes to clear the smoke. The rumor at the time was she got a run in her tights and was having a hissy fit over it since the smoke being a hazard to her and the dancers seemed unlikely with all the other smoke machines going that were part of the actual show.


Looking back of course I have a different perspective but this was my very first Britney show and it didn't meet my expectations, especially for how much I paid for the ticket. It was disappointing at the time and a weird moment. 

Yeah that makes sense. I didn’t even realise that could be the case in some arenas. I’m really sorry that happened to you at your show.

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9 hours ago, itsxrichiexbish said:

To be honest, I don’t think it can... but like I said she prolly didn’t wanna take any chances... I think the circus era was when her voicemail that was leaked was originally made. So I think she thought if she had a chance to get out the first thing they would do was drug test her. So why take a chance.. Britney is so damn strong. 

Yeah a contact high can definitely show up in testing.

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6 hours ago, frederiickx said:

It still happens in arenas. I was at a concert years ago and people started smoking w**d and nothing was really done, even when it's not allowed. It's ridiculous.

Guess they’re stricter in the UK although I’m now getting flashbacks to when someone literally tried to sit next to me on the bus with a bl**t in his hands.... how the driver didn’t notice is beyond me.

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I always said, if Britney’s life gets made into a Movie it will be unfathomable, what she went through and how she managed to come through it all. The grace and dignity she displayed at ALL TIMES is almost superhuman in the face of all these inexcusable crimes against her soul. 

At this point It either needs to be a Trilogy or a True Crime series with a couple of seasons, with the amount of stuff already came to light 💔 And remember, she told us WE DON’T KNOW THE HALF OF IT!

Stay strong 💪🏻 Britney ❤️

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Putting team con aside for a second, why do people smoke w**d at concerts? As if tobacco wasn’t bad enough… That is so disrespectful for the surrounding audience and for the artist. :watrusayin_britney_xfactor_confused_shocked_surprised_um_what: Just don’t.

I hope more dancers break their silence because they’ve profited in a way off her trafficking. They have a duty to stand for what is right.

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