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Emma Bunton gushes over Little mix, and discusses how it's easier to be a girl band in British Music industry, than the 90s.

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The Spice girl known as Baby, discusses how she felt when little mix acknowledged them, they talk about how it's still shocking that not very few British pop acts made it to the global scale like the Spice girls did, and yet, the British Music industry shut them out on all awards to just local popular acts at the time..


The hosts discuss without the Spice girls, girl groups wouldn't have been a thing, Emma elaborated back in the 90s, nobody believed them, they were told, they would never be cover stars on mags, as Boys sold magazines, and for Geri, she was told the industry never cared about the gays or youth question themselves, as aiming for teenage girls was where the money was at. 


Obviously all those doors were broken and ceiling's shattered, and oddly this led to uni*** pop bands like S Club 7 and steps, etc, something the US never tried in capitalizing at all during the teen pop mania. 


UK realized if we have markets for boy bands, and girl bands, you can combine both and get a bigger audience shares, and it worked especially for S club 7 and Steps. 



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