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Britney: In a system where i've felt completely helpless for so long, at least I do have a platform to share - i'm going to post a little less from now on because of the nasty things and mean posts about me

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This is so sad, like the girl didn't suffer enough... Now she has to deal with some other kind of monsters. Her life has been amazing in some parts but really tough most of the time. I really hope she will find peace. She must be so exhausted with all the things she had been through.

I hope the last blind item wasn't real. That's weird that she's been missing since few days, when the blind item said they find out that she talked with someone from the "outside". I hope they didn't punish her again or something. But I guess not since M. Rosengart is in her side now, I have alot of faith in him! You are so freakin' brave Mrs. Britney Spears...


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13 minutes ago, Slayer said:

I don't blame her with awful people hating on her, even her own "fans" attacking her instagram posts.

I just hope she's okay :fakecry_christina_aguilera_xtina_crying_tears_wipe_sad:

I think she is okay, and that's all we wish for. Let her do whatever is necessary to get her freedom first. And then she can talk or say whatever she wants. I think she is being strategic and I love it. 

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I’m really confused by this post. Most news articles have been very supportive of Britney this year and most comments  from other celebrities or people in the media are sympathetic.

Some people are trying to give her a heads up that posts can be used against you in court — once you’re under examination, even small stupid things can have an impact — but I don’t think those people were trying to be mean. 

But that said, I deleted my Facebook years ago because social media is pretty ridiculous and toxic. So maybe stepping away from her social platforms is a good call. 🤷‍♀️ 

Do what you gotta do Queen Britney!



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3 minutes ago, TomasBR said:

Congratulations goes to some fans... You managed to silence Britney once again! 🤦‍♂️

Those are literally not fans. They are hateful trolls who are fed with chaos. 

The world is nasty, and she is in a very important battle, it's okay for her to choose where she puts her focus at this moment. We have to support her and show her love through the process.

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8 minutes ago, anakinskywalker said:

"I'm gonna post a little less from now on" sounds like the "we all need to take time for a little me time" where she was locked in a facility AGAINST HER WILL and they made us believe it was her choice. If what Jamie said about the 5150 is partially true...I don't feel good about this :pensiveney_britney_praying_ftr_for_the_record_2008_circus_vmas_thinking:

My thoughts exactly... I don't like this either. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

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10 minutes ago, Z-dawg said:

The way I read this. Rosengart has rolled his sleeves up and the party about to begin 🥳. I hope all the crooks are ready to dance 💃🏼! Including so called judges and lawyers. I expect complete radio silence until 28th September. Makes sense for more than one reason. 

omg i hope you're right, im feel so sad this thing got denied, she must be so nervous and losing hope.

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7 minutes ago, glovedgeek said:

I think she is okay, and that's all we wish for. Let her do whatever is necessary to get her freedom first. And then she can talk or say whatever she wants. I think she is being strategic and I love it. 

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interesting i agree with this point of view.

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15 minutes ago, Lucian85 said:

Sorry but questioning her Instagram doesn't mean we're painting her in a negative light. At all. Because for us, she is not the one posting. That's the whole point. 


I knew it wouldn't be long before you piped up this is all you post about. Anyway weren't you suspended for creating loads of duplicate accounts so it looked like more people agreed with you :clownery_makeup_meme:

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4 minutes ago, tommy_boy said:

What the hell? I just hope this is not a smokescreen for us to think she's having a break off social media, while being locked against her will all over again. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:


3 minutes ago, marioh said:

My thoughts exactly... I don't like this either. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

now im worried; hopefully it is not the case. that thread @Slayer started yesterday got me thinking they could be plotting something. this could be the perfect excuse so we don't worry when we don't see posts on the IG.

hopefully she'll update us on her well-being via sam's IG / stories.

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