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Brenda Penny has denied Matthew Rosengart's ex parte order to advance the hearing date and for Jamie's immediate suspension

Message added by Urbanney,

Threatening violence or harassment against Judge Penny or anyone else is not acceptable. Please refrain from doing so or you will receive warning points. Thank you. 

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1 minute ago, FruitoftheLoomis said:

For some reason I think this was done as a power move. I don’t think it’s even related to the evidence itself, rather, Penny asserting her power to Rosenghart. It’s a way of saying you don’t control this court. Just my personal opinion. 

I agree. A power move but also an ego one. 
The army bullied her looks, her son, we called her all sort of names.... I guess it’s her way of showing us and the world that SHE is in charge and a little fanbase doesn’t scare her. 

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1 hour ago, BUWYGF said:

And she STILL didn't remove him even though it is EVIDENTLY the right thing to do. This in itself is a firm proof that she is a corrupted judge who needs to have her license revoked immediately for obstructing justice and abusing the law, taking it into her hands.

I agree with you 100%, but it's a stretch and unlikely to happen, because unfortunately this is America, where everything is painfully slow and difficult. What should happen is major media attention such as after the June 23 testimony to get more of the unions fired up and involved again and make the GP question again, "Why"? Only a social movement I think would help this along, like a march.

I wish we could fill the streets of LA for a huge march like when Trump won was stupidly elected president by the minority of the USA.

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Such blatant in-your-face corruption and cruelty I can’t -

If Sam really loved her he’d sneak her to another state or country where she could live a normal life until this is over.


I hope Britney knows how much love and support she has on the outside. Insert Wendy Williams clip here.

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It is crazy to me that a judge isn’t allowing an unqualified, problematic person to be replaced by experienced professionals. Even when all other experienced professionals involved in the situation have advised that such a person be removed - especially because that unqualified, problematic person causes harm/duress to the individual who is supposed to be being “protected” by the conservatorship in the first place. It is illogical. Just because somebody is a biological parent does not mean that they are best equipped to support/nurture their child. Not to mention that this child is a freaking adult!!

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5 minutes ago, DougFrmBrazil said:

The issue is not only Britney getting rid of Jamie. This is bigger than him. We don’t know the whole story.

I think their issue is Britney Brands. 

If Jamie is removed, he will lose power over her estate but also over Britney Brands and all her business. 

Basically he will lose everything, and Rosengart will be able to change her business manager, social media team etc.  

Team con will be done. 

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Just now, notacam***** said:

She was put IN the conservatorship via an emergency hearing within 24 hours, so they can move quickly when they WANT to

As with anything in USA law, it's extremely easy to be put into something, and much harder to come out. I'm not disagreeing with you that they should be able to temporarily suspend Jaime OR move up the hearing - this should definitely be happening - my only point is the things like revoking her license, etc etc, it doesn't happen... 

Maybe this situation will change the court system and America will realize we need an ethics oversight even above Judges...


But I doubt it. 

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What right does she have to deny this?

What grounds does she have to not suspend Jamie?

Surely she needs a reason? She can’t just be clearly corrupt and get away with it? Who’s her boss? Who’s her bosses boss? What the **** is happening? 

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Clearly, Judge Penny denied the removal of Jamie to prevent the stand-by conservator to do an audit on the account. And they gonna be finding deep **** out. By denying the request, Judge Penny, Team Con, and EVERYBODY involved now have six weeks to get their stories straight and cover up what they need to. But I do believe it will be futile.

Though Judge Penny can still deny the removal of Jamie Spears on 29 Sep and it may possibly go that way, I think ultimately, this is going to be one of the huge stories of the past few decades that will get exposed. It was going to happen sooner or later. Who knew though it would be Britney Spears who exposed such deep state corruption? It takes all sorts to make the world go round, folks!

Actual footage from the future of Matthew Rosengart destroying the probate court in one afternoon.


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This is like my 3rd post, I'm shocked, disgusted, and appalled. I really thought Penny would do the right thing here which would be to AT LEAST suspend him. This man has NO QUALIFICATIONS for his position aside from his paternity. It's a real shame this alcoholic, greedy ******* had a good medical team to help him recover from his exploding colon... I'm sure that would've been the fastest and easiest way to end this whole thing. Maybe the stress will do Daddy Spears in, or hopefully he's back to drinking and will just drink too many beers one night with sleeping pills... What a ******* ****head. I've tried to be PC but this is ridiculous. Give it up Jamie Spears you are torturing your daughter. I'm sure she would rather keep paying you whatever money you want for the rest of your life as long as you just leave her the **** alone. 

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Crazy how fast she is able to get a court date so Jamie can get 50k tho

At this point it’s the judge keeping her in this, this is so horrible, I thought with all this pressure and recommendations from doctors and lawyers that Brenda penny would do the right thing

how much power does a judge have? Where’s the checks and balances, does Brenda report to no one at all?

idk what can be done, besides us going harder and demanding her removal and even get it trending on Twitter 

And what happened to Brenda just agreeing with whatever the lawyers want? Guess that only works if their on Jamie’s side, whose she is obviously on at this point

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10 minutes ago, Pinky98 said:

What right does she have to deny this?

What grounds does she have to not suspend Jamie?

Surely she needs a reason? She can’t just be clearly corrupt and get away with it? Who’s her boss? Who’s her bosses boss? What the **** is happening? 

Exactly who’s manager do I need to speak to, to get this broad fired

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