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Brenda Penny has denied Matthew Rosengart's ex parte order to advance the hearing date and for Jamie's immediate suspension

Message added by Urbanney,

Threatening violence or harassment against Judge Penny or anyone else is not acceptable. Please refrain from doing so or you will receive warning points. Thank you. 

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15 minutes ago, everybodygoesdown said:

There’s not. She would have to be sentenced for a murder or be photographed literally receiving money from Jamie before she’d be replaced. There is no way public pressure over a verdict or decision would be accepted to take a judge off a case or fire them.

And Rosengart can not ask to replace her ? 

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31 minutes ago, UncannyX-Man2099 said:

The audacity this woman has. She's a vile person that should not be in the position she is in if she is this corrupt. 

What a literal piece of ****. 

Britney's lawyer is gonna have to play hard ball and really come for her and the entire state of California.


Do y'all remember that she ******* guest starred in a scripted TV series on HBO ? Who does that ? So unprofressional, she is a judge she shouldn't be pursuing any acting career. 

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32 minutes ago, Lucky☆ said:

What happened to Britney's invitation to Congress?

She should go because the corruption in California it is terrible and she needs to expose them asap.

Yeah so she can associate herself with a ped****e and sociopath. Britney is better off with the help of the two psychos who invited her. Let’s wait for Rosengart’s next move.

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I seriously wonder what kind of hold team con have on the court system and all the people involved in this. clearly the system is corrupt but considering it's such a high profile case and it's her own reputation that's going to be dragged through the mud on all media platforms, I would've thought Brenda would grant Rosengart's request? it's such an awful situation & I hope Britney is doing okay :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

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1 minute ago, Bboy1988 said:

Disgusting trash!!! That judge is corrupt AF. She didn’t listen to Britney back in 2026, Isn’t listening to her now, or the recommendations from Britney’s care team. Corrupt POS

OMG are you from Future? So Britney will not be free post 2026? 


:roxxy: just to break the ice a little bit


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This, I am surprised at. When you have the whole world watching, a high-powered attorney, and MULTIPLE declarations from professionals including medical ones saying Jamie's mere PRESENCE in the conservatorship is toxic, get him TFO!!! All Team Con has is VIVIAN'S defense.

They've shown:

- personal distress
- alleged abuse
- alleged financial mismanagement

This is fkn ridiculous. 

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55 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:


this, I feel like Rosengart is starting nice, asking everyone to do the "right thing", thanking the judge in public for her courtesy etc. 

But I feel like once things like this start to happen, then he'll go truly aggressive against Jamie, and now probably even the judge. One could understand that she can't advance the hearing, maybe because of scheduling conflicts, but why can't she suspend Jamie until the hearing? 

Acting professional always goes far in life. It always exposes the corrupt. Unless she comes up with some lame excuse, but the lack of due diligence to ensure Britney's safety is highly suspect. His privileges should be "frozen" until these legal proceedings are complete. It is highly inappropriate and unethical. It would be the equivalent of leaving a minor with their abusive father or mother - it is a human rights violations. I would even go as far as to say that Britney should hire a Humans Rights Lawyer. 


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1 minute ago, FruitoftheLoomis said:

For some reason I think this was done as a power move. I don’t think it’s even related to the evidence itself, rather, Penny asserting her power to Rosenghart. It’s a way of saying you don’t control this court. Just my personal opinion. 

I agree. I'm shocked though :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised:

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