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Add One More Single To Each Album

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ME FIRST!!!!! deis498-e64802c4-5e50-481a-9799-290133e5


Baby One More Time

6. “I Will Be There”


Oops I Did It Again

5. “Where Are You Now”



7. “Let Me Be”



In The Zone

5. “Showdown”




4. “Freakshow”




5. “Amneisa”



Femme Fatale

5. “Trouble For Me”



Britney Jean

3. “Alíen”




3. “If I’m Dancing”



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Baby - Thinkin’ About You

Oops - When Your Eyes Say It / DGNOMD

Britney - Lonely 

ITZ - Breathe On Me / The Hook Up ft Sean Paul

Blackout - Freakshow

Circus - Telephone ft. Gaga

Femme Fatale - Up N’ Down or DDB

Basic Jingles - None for Gretchen Weiners 

Glory - (so many choices!) Love Me Down / Liar / CYM

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Baby One More Time - I Will Be There

Oops! I Did It Again - When Your Eyes Say it or Can't Make You Love Me

Britney - What It's Like To Be Me

In The Zone - Breathe On Me

Blackout - Toy Soldier

Circus - Shattered Glass (could of been as huge as Womanizer)

Femme Fatale - Up N' Down or Seal It With A Kiss

Britney Jean - Till It's Gone

Glory - Do You Wanna Come Over (gp would of embraced this classic Britney bop, it's the music she's most familiar with gp), Swimming In The Stars (would of been a great music video, ascetically).

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I'm about to cheat a little bit :) but the more MVs , the better; this was a practice until 2010 hihihi

BOMT - I will be there (international) and E-mail My Heart (USA - would've been a hit :) )

OIDIA - What You See (Is What You Get ) (USA) and Don't Go Knocking On My Door (International)

Britney - Lonely (USA) and Cinderella (International)

ITZ - Breathe On Me (USA) and Touch Of My Hand (International)

Blackout - Hot As Ice (USA) and Ooh Ohh Baby (International)

Circus - Shattered Glass (remixed ; international) and Unusual You (USA)


FF - Gasoline 

Britney Jean - Hold On Tight

Glory - Love Me Down 

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BOMT - Autumn Goodbye

OIDIA - Where are you now

Britney - Cinderella

ITZ - Breathe On Me

Blackout - Get Naked 

Circus - Shattered Glass

FF - Trouble For Me (Or Sorry Adam just so we have a Britney recording of it) :yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad:

BJ - Now that i've found you

Glory - Do You Wanna Come Over. 

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Baby - I Will Be There


Oops - What U See


Britney - Before The Goodbye

Ok this is where it gets tough :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:


ITZ - Touch of My Hand or Showdown


Blackout - Get Naked or Hot As Ice


Circus - Unusual You, mannequin, or Phonography


FF - Trip to Your Heart or Scary


BJ - It Should Be Easy


Glory - Just Luv Me or Better

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Songs with the most votes 

1. I Will Be There (9) SLAY :awyeah_britney_yes_yas:

2. Can’t Make You Love Me (5)

3. Lonely (5)

4. Breathe On Me (8) :thirsty_britney_onyx_drink_flirt_drinking_sipping_fan_hot:

5. Get Naked (5)

6. Shattered Glass (7) :tiffanynod_miss_ms_ny_new_york_yes_yas_nodding_agree:

7. Up N Down (4)

8. Alien (5)

9. Change Your Mind (No Seas Puto) (4) :matches:

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BOMT - Deep In My Heart

Oops - Girl In The Mirror

Britney - Lonely/Cinderella/Let Me Be/Bombastic Love/Before The Goodbye, can‘t decide!

ITZ - Touch Of My Hand

BO - Radar

Circus - Unusual You

FF - Inside Out

BJ - Til It‘s Gone

Glory - Exaholic


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Baby - I Will Be There

Oops - What U See (Is What U Get)

Britney - Anticipating (as a worldwide single and not just France), Cinderella or Before the Goodbye :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:

In the Zone -  (I Got That) Boom Boom or Touch Of My Hand

Blackout - Get Naked (I Got a Plan) or Get Back

Circus - Unusual You

Femme Fatale - Inside Out or Up N Down

Britney Jean - Alien

Glory - Do You Wanna Come Over, but there's so many other songs on this album that could have been a single dd


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