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Jamie Lynn posts audio of herself 'crying' whilst being comforted by her daughter

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10 hours ago, itsxrichiexbish said:

Soooo she posted in her story a quote and sound byte from I think one of her daughters. It sounds like Jamie Lynn is crying.. I forget, are we ignoring her now??? But anyways, ya someone is looking for sympathy.. poor thing... I might just be built differently but I wouldn’t post stuff like that unless I wanted a reaction. 


She's a textbook narcissist. 

Like her parents.

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3 hours ago, DollyParton said:

This isnt even Britney related? Can we just STOP posting every ******* thing she shared on instagram on this forum? This is a BRITNEY forum, not a Jamie Lynn forum.


I dont give a **** about what she posts. :outwithit_go_on_wave_britney_femme_fatale_ff_documentary:


3 hours ago, DollyParton said:

''Welcome to Breatheheavy, youre favourite Jamie Lynn forum''


Again: can we just stop posting every damn thing she post on her social media? i dont give a **** about what she post on instagram. Its not even Britney related. :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green:

Then simply don't click the thread if it bothers you so much, problem solved.

This is obviously Britney related.

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This entire family needs therapy. I feel like this is being done on purpose. They obviously have a plan. They know what Britney wants and they are using that against her. I bet Jamie Lynn is doing this to spark Britney as she KEEPS publicly responding. I feel like they recently parted ways with whatever third party social media company they had in place to post Britney's IG account with the hopes of her posting all these erratic posts. That way they can go back to the court and be like "See this is why she can't be responsible for herself, and this is how she will get into trouble." Jamie Lynn purposely posted that picture with her husband looking at Britney's account and then posted it again on her stories with his phone blurred because she wanted to send the message that she see's Britney. To me that means that anything she says now is intentional and part of a plan. Britney has the right to post anything she wants however if I were her, I would cool it and play the game until she's free. This isn't over yet and they are going to fight tooth and nail. 

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You all giving her the attention she's cravin cause that ***** is dying for relevancy...

Love her or hate her, compliment her or bash her... at the end of the day she's getting the publicity she wanted....

The best way to get back at her is by IGNORING HER *** FOREVER let her remain that NOBODY she once used to be

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1 hour ago, Slayer said:

I'm scared that they've put out a narrative that Britney is "acting out" and they've been considering a 5150 and Jamie-Lynn is suddenly publicly acting "upset", I really hope they haven't placed her in another 5150, I just do not like the way they are playing this at all... I feel like JL's video is there to show JL is "upset" when any news comes out that something has happened to Britney.

I know I sound paranoid but I wouldn't put anything past team con.


1 hour ago, Easy There said:

Honestly I have been thinking about this ever since news broke out.

I wouldn't out past Jody and Jamie to do this. They certainly have abilities to do so.

The fact that **** even considered that is disgusting.

I'm think Jodi is playing 2 roles. 

On court documents, she pretends to care for Britney. She defends her to save face. 

But behind the scenes, she seems to be plotting something with Jamie, to make Britney look unstable. 



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