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Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell says Britney should be cautious about her social media posts

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This is literally mom-shaming.this is what they have done in 2007. Another nobody has nothing nice to say. He might have choose to be supportive and let her be and stfu but no. He needs to voice his opinion. While she was not able to for 13 years.

so… the person only stayed in my life for 1 minute : nobody gives a flying **** about your thoughts on how should a “lady” needs to act. Go play with your dolls now.

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6 hours ago, jokobish said:

I mean .. he’s not wrong honestly . Theshaderoom posted her video yesterday and the comments were all talking about how she needs help and isn’t mentally well

Let them comment what they want.  She doesn't have to tailor what she wants to post or do just so that the people commenting are convinced of her well being.

The society needs to unlearn it's misogyny and stop expecting women to conform to some regressive idea of what a woman should be or shouldn't be like. :britstare11_britney_ftr_for_the_record_annoyed_tired_irritated_sigh:

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Paparazzi asked him for his opinion  he gave it. He had valid points, some not so good, some good.

I don't understand all the hate towards Backstreet boys though. They are still big in the rest of the world, not like other boys band... heh

Scared Backstreet Boys GIF

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Come on people ! Quit the stupidity already ! Just can't deal with the childish thoughts of some immature fans

He makes a good point though ! she's in the middle of a savage battle against the DEVIL..... she better stay away from social media, until she's totally freed, then she can do whatever the fu€k she wants. The system that gave Jamie the right to steal her money, to treat her like a slave and hold her hostage in front of the whole world for 13 years could easily use anything disadvantageous against her in order to discredit her and make her look unworthy for her freedom.... it's a fu€ked up system after all. 

I'm afraid it's her team posting old stuff in purpose just to fu€k up her case and battle... Jamie can go really far, we all know what he was capable of.

And if it's her posting, I hope she just step away for a little while until she gets her freedom back.

There's one question that I been asking myself (judging from what I noticed, both Britney and her team are posting on her IG) in this case, why doesn't she change the password of her IG and take 100 % control of her account ????? I know it may sound stupid, but I can't help thinking about that.

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Enough with these people. Seriously, if they cared their actions would have shown that. Crickets from nearly all her piers, young and old, men and more painfully women. Everyone is willing to pass judgment but not lend a hand. You Made The World Your Stage and y’all DID NOTHING! They continue to do Nothing. May your projects, fame, fillers, and over exaggerated talents dwindle into obscurity.

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12 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

who does he think he is, one of those Exhalers in that thread? :typing_keyboard_computer:

What's this supposed to even mean? Brian seems to think she's posting. The thread you're referring to is for Exhalers who don't believe she's posting :idgi_dont_get_it_how_confused_what_hmm_umm_thinking:

I'll assume you actually meant to compare this numbnuts to people who believe these posts make Britney look crazy. From what I've seen, most of those people are of the belief that Britney is actually posting. So they wouldn't be posting in that thread you're referencing.

In fact, there are a plethora of theories being discussed in that thread. Sure, some commenters may think her posts make her look bad, but many of us enjoy the content and would be thrilled to find out she's actually posting. However, for someone without access to her own friends down the street or her own credit card, it's difficult to believe Britney is allowed to speak freely to tens of millions of IG followers. THAT is the common belief underscoring that thread. 

It's unfortunate enough that genuine concerns about the authenticity of Britney's narrative are silenced and restricted to one thread, but incorrectly labeling us only perpetuates a false narrative. So before posting something about "that thread," maybe consider your intentions. If you're trying to throw shade, whether overtly or subtly, maybe reconsider posting. We're all here for the same reason. Let's stay focused and united instead of being petty and divided.

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