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Jamie files petition opposing removal and states Jodi suggested placing Britney in a 5150 psychiatric hold

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Nice try Jamie. 😀 Like someone said earlier in this thread: all his proof (if he even has any) is an email where Jodi says Britney doesn’t need 5150. 

If such email even exists, I bet it was her response to his proposal to have Britney put through 5150.


Jodi signed a sworn affidavit (or whatever the term is), which is a serious thing. He is just throwing accusations to see if something stitcks.

Can’t wait for Jodi’s response - my bet is she has receipts, too, to back her claims. 

This is going to get dirty between the two and since Rosengart will make sure Britney isn’t going to pay for their cat fight, it’ll be entertaining to see how far Jamie is going to go with his claims.

Like Jamie Lynn, he doesn’t seem to know when it’s best to just keep his mouth shut.

I’m also 100 % certain Rosengart has proof for Jamie trying to deny Britney’s trip - that her medical team approved. So Jamie has no reason to protect her in any way.

Next he is probably trying to push Sam Asghari under the bus, too.

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UGH HE'S SO DISGUSTING! :grimace_judging_judge_squint_ew_gross_red_white_annoyed:

This just proves that he only cares about money and controlling her.

Its ironic how his statement is that he wants to "protect" her from people

who would take advantage of her, when he is doing that himself.

And wow his and Jodi's answer for Britney making her own decisions and

speaking up for herself, is she should be forced in a 5150.

From what I know: A 5150 is only for people who are in danger of themselves or

want to cause danger to others.

She's doing neither of those things.

Oh how I feel so bad for Britney

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I really don’t understand this monkeying around :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme:

He still claims he has the best interest in Britney, shifting blame to other people :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme:


When Britney herself said she’s scared of him and wants him out :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme:


What is you doin Judge Penny? :gunney:

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I half expected this but also very disappointed that he won’t just resign. Like, come on. This is just ridiculous. Nothing warrants this level of control. Nothing. She is 38, she earned her career, and frankly “she’s not taking her meds” is not enough of a reason to be legally bound to and controlled by her father at 38 years old. How many people on this earth aren’t taking their meds right now? Lol like just **** off jamie. Step the **** down. All these leeches have to thank their lucky stars they got paid to push papers around for 13 years and they need to get the **** out of here now that she’s taking a stand. Bow your head in shame and retire back to the trailer for the rest of your miserable life. 

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Idk about you guys, but I don't see how Britney was a 'danger to herself' after the testimony. Maybe in 2008 when she was hospitalised, but no way after that testimony. She spoke very coherently. She sounded angry but only because of the situation she has had to deal with.

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